World Connections – Prezi Presentation Template

World connections Excellent Presentation template with cool animation on the 3D background. White circles are connected together with white lines. A Concept of linking between items, ideas, connections. Prezi has a vector based world map, which stays sharp even when you zoom inside. Prezi is best for topics like world business trading, logistics, internet connections, communication and technology.  You can find places around the globe and place text there. Highlight connections and links between different topics. Place your content (headline, title, body text, image, video) into a circle. Copy and reorganize slides fast and easy. Add your logo, including shapes, lines, graphs. Add more Prezi shapes – circles anywhere in the Excellent Presentation template. Circles are vector based, edit them, recolor, resize. Read more ›

Input And Output Free Prezi Presentation Template

Input and Output Free Prezi Free Prezi Presentation template. Light background, colored arrows that indicate mobility and gray motor. Suitable for: business, science and technology. In business, you can present the objectives, inputs and outputs. Read more ›

Strategy Plan – Free Prezi Next Template

Time to reveal your strategic plans for the upcoming year. Talk about your agenda, and about the previous business year. Show the things that worked and how you plan to implement changes in the new year. A simple company timeline template with a strategy and planning concept. White circles with chess, chart, graph and bulls eye target graphic elements. Read more ›

Career Ladder – Prezi Presentation Template

Talk about available jobs, employment or how to climb on the career ladder.3D looking Excellent Presentation template for a business, work and career related presentation.Big words CAREER LADDER (change to anything else) and a businessman cheering on top.SHow how to grow business or revenue and become a leader.All separated design elements, add your own title, move the businessman or ladder.Present about job vacancy, making a career plan, employment, working, looking for a a job Read more ›

Party Prezi template

Prezi Presentation template for party events, especially on special days like valentine’s day, birthday etc. Colourful transparent balloons on the background. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE

Flashcards – Prezi Next Presentation Template

A creative Prezi presentation template for creating an interactive questions and answers round.Classic white rectangle flashcards on a wood table.Add a question or word on the cover and zoom in to reveal the correct answer.A good presentation template for asking questions from the audience.Use it as an aid for studying or preparing for an exam or school test.A multipurpose Q and A template for any kind of topic. Read more ›

Billboard – Prezi Presentation Template

BillboardColorful business presentation template with multiple placeholders for content in different colors arranged in a grid. Multi-purpose template with sample content of text and photos. Simply zoom in and move from slide to slide to display a content. Change content and rearrange it. Read more ›

Christmas Tree – Prezi Presentation Template

Christmas themed Excellent Presentation templateA calm christmas scene with a tree, presents, animated snow and a blue 3D background.100% zoomable elements, add your own story anywhere in the Prezi!Talk about present, winter, snow, holiday. Read more ›

Center Stage Free Prezi Presentation Template

Center Stage free  Free Prezi Presentation template. Purple background, audience, stage curtains, presentation about presenting. Suitable for: advertising and entertainment, cinema, theatre… Read more ›

Communicate – Prezi Presentation Template

Creative Excellent Presentation template for a communication concept.Jigsaw puzzle pieces forming a gray speech/chat bubble shape.Talk about translating, digital communication, psychology, mind games, forwarding a message, finding a common language.Present about the different parts make up the whole and how each idea is important. Read more ›

Cubismo – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with colorful 3D cubes/boxes.Create a colorful presentation with smooth slide transitions.All separated elements, move the objects around and create your own layout.A generic template that can be used for various creative presentation topics.use it for a personal presentation, rearrange and move the boxes. Read more ›

Computer Screen – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple Excellent Presentation template with colorful rectangles on a computer screen/monitor.Add your own images, text and customize the colors of the boxes.Replace the imac computer screen with your own logo or text.A multipurpose template suitable for various presentation topics: business or personal.Create a photo slideshow or gallery, introduce your company or a timeline.Replace the symbols with more suitable icons for your presentation topic.Talk about an app, website or some other IT, data, internet or technology service. Read more ›

Ranking Prezi

Ranking Prezi template is the best for ordering popular things, objects, ideas, people etc.

Rankings make it possible to evaluate information according to certain criteria.

Prezi with light background with 3D rooftop objects.

Insert your images, text, slides, content. Change statistics and charts for business presentation, or use it for your portfolio showcase. Read more ›

Exploration Free Prezi Presentation Template

Exploration free Prezi Free Prezi Presentation template. Gray background with colored circles, short term, long term, over time, show the investigation results. Suitable for: school, scientific presentations. Read more ›

Work in Progress – Prezi Presentation Template

Infographic 3D presentation template with animated cogs/gears video background.Describe a work process, a progress of a project or show how to make things work.Present your data with a simple infographic style, use dashed lines to separate slides.For more content slides, zoom into the colorful marker symbols (can be deleted).Good template for a personal or business presentation or marketing a product.Create a presentation about a tutorial and explaining how something works. Read more ›

Laptop Screen – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Create yourself a professional looking Best Prezi Next Presentation template.A colorful user interface layout on a business laptop screen.Each rectangle represents a different topic, zoom in for your content.An organised looking presentation template, suitable for a business presentation.Introduce your company, website or project, make a timeline, show your portfolio.The laptop screen includes a few blank rectangles for inserting your own presentation title and subtitles. Read more ›

Time management Prezi

With this template you can present time management and show how you effectively organize your daily actions.

Template includes a pointing hand, boxing glove, black and white action figures, telephone and an umbrella silhouette combined together. Read more ›

Timeline Tracking prezi presentation

Timeline tracking Prezi template with a stock photo of a girl with glasses looking down into a timeline to keep track on it.

Elegant colorful timeline made with using Prezi elements, arrows, and lines.

You can easily recolor timeline elements. Read more ›

On The Rise – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a business bar graph concept.Describe your business from idea to a successful company.Blue graph elements on a grey 3D background.Move the elements and create the layout you need.Talk about business growth, marketing results, growing a startup, business pitch, starting a company. Read more ›

Consider an Idea – Prezi Presentation Template

A simple and infographic diagram Prezi with a light bulb and colorful shapes.Consider the positive and negatives sides of your ideas and pitch your concept to your audience.The white background includes a 3D effect with blurred light bulbs.Easily customizable: change the size, position and color of each of the shapes.Zoom in to present the content details: add your own icons, symbols or background image.Compare different aspects of one idea or present multiple ideas on each line. Read more ›

Motivation Boost – Prezi Presentation Template

Motivation Excellent Presentation template with a rocket boosts into space on the Prezi 3D background.Space travel to the sky. Space rocket launch with colorful semi-transparent circles on a gray 3D background. Project start-up and development process.A good template for a presentation about motivation, project start-up, inspire or motivate people, present motivational tips, creativity or company start-up.Includes separated elements – clouds, rocket, colorful semi-transparent circles as backgrounds for texts. Change colors of circles using Prezi color bar. Use your own company color theme for example. All foreground elements are vectors.Zoom anywhere and add your own content.Excellent Presentation template has two 3D background layers and 3D background effect appears while zooming in. Read more ›

Midnight Free Prezi Presentation Template

Midnight free Free Prezi Presentation template. Night, starry sky, the silhouette of the city, a great city. Suitable for: advertising, science and exploration of the stars, in education. Read more ›

Financial Documents – Prezi Presentation Template

A 3D Excellent Presentation template with a growing 3D bar graph and pencil on a white business paper document.Create a presentation about insurance, finance, business, taxes, money or currency.Present simple facts or add more content: use images or videos.Illustrate a creative business topic with a 3d bar chart concept.Add your own background image and customize for your own topic.Use symbols or images inside the circles: resize, move and change colors.Good template for various business Prezis: accounting, bookkeeping or stock grade. Read more ›

Think Big Prezi template

Colorful gears over the electric light bulb. Creative business concept, gears are in motion. 3d, bulb, business, cog, collaboration, concept, cooperation, creative, development, engineering, gear, icon, idea, illustration, innovation, light, mechanical, mind, money, movement, paper, power, product, rotation, Symbol, teamwork, Read more ›

Infographics Paper Prezi template

Infographics Paper Prezi template. Prezi template with a circle paper clip concept. Simple gray tone colors. Rearrange, edit or delete elements. abstract, art, backdrop, workflow, background, bright, chart, Clip Art, composition, concept, conceptual, creative, decor, decoration, decorative, design, digital, digital Read more ›

Big Plans – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a businessman climbing on a ladder and writing a big plan to a wall.Present your creative business ideas and plans, sketch out your creative and big thoughts.Big plans and ideas need a big canvas as they are too small for a piece of paper.Sketch out your wildest business or creative ideas and use included sketched icons to illustrate.All icons are movable separately – zoom in and add your own content anywhere.Delete the businessman and use the wall background with only the ladder image.A good template for creative marketing or presenting your draft/blueprint ideas. Read more ›