Explain topic Prezi

Prezi template with Soccer game and School elements.

Includes a chalk drawn black and white vector mathematical and science elements.

Build up a team play or fun test with this animated prezi template. Read more ›

Think big Prezi

Think Big Ideas

Colorful gear light bulb. Creative business concept Prezi with gears. Read more ›

Connection Prezi

Abstract conceptual image of the business human head and gears cogwheel idea connection teamwork or space travel through the time. Read more ›

Action Plan prezi presentation

A businessman is looking at the business sketches on the wall for making an action plan.

Good for presentation topics – business plan, analyze, making a timeline, sketch ideas, product marketing, business strategy, achieve goals.

Present your action plans, sketch out your thoughts. Read more ›

Time management Prezi

With this template you can present time management and show how you effectively organize your daily actions.

Template includes a pointing hand, boxing glove, black and white action figures, telephone and an umbrella silhouette combined together. Read more ›

Photo Slideshow Prezi

Photo album or image slideshow Prezi Template.

Create photo gallery or use as a photography template for your portfolio presentation.

Add your holiday photos or any kind of photos. Read more ›

Thumb Tag Prezi

Simple and elegant template where different words are used as styling elements.

Word tags form a thumb up hand symbol on a dark yellow/orange background

Template with an universal use, express yourself by using only tags. Read more ›

Research Prezi

Presentation starts with animated clock with the sentence “Whatever I am late anyway”.

Text and theme colors are white, orange, black and light blue.

Prezi has some ideas how to show abbreviations.

Show your business information text on the Business card.

Change or create new text, images on iPad or tablet.

Some elements like glasses, iPad screen are transparent. Read more ›

Assembly Prezi

3D Building blocks with social content-sharing icons Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, Pinterest, Youtube, Vimeo, RSS, Flickr, Dribbble.

Build up ideas, show hierarchy, describe a process, present your strategy.

Stylish design with Grey color tones. Read more ›

Musical Key Prezi

Piano Keyboard with Black and White Keys and Colorful Music Notes in 3D Isolated on White gradient Background.

Read more ›