Board Game – Prezi Presentation Template

Best Presentation template with a classic board game concept.A snakes and ladders game board with 3d dice and game pawns.Make a creative strategy related presentation with ladders getting you higher and snakes sending you back.Show off your business strategy or show a development of a project.Easily customize the color of each box and resize. Read more ›

Comparison – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for a presentation related to a comparison, analysis or a study.Compare 2 different topics, for example old vs new and use a specific contrasting color for each of the items.Create a simple yet very infographic Prezi with illustrative shapes and symbols.Visualize information, zoom for details, present numbers with graphs and charts.Are the results equal, what did you use for measuring and analyzing?Highly customizable – rearrange and modify the shapes, also change the color scheme. Read more ›

3D Round Puzzle – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with an infographic round/circular 3D jigsaw puzzle concept.Present your logo or title in the center and topic icons/symbols around it.A professional looking Prezi with a simple circle infographics style/layout.Zooming in reveals a second 3D background layer.Replace the icons with the content you need and zoom for the details.Minimalistic yet very creative and good looking template for introducing your topic, company or product.Build your topic, explain how different part of your story make up the whole concept. Read more ›

By the Book – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with an open book on wood table and a blurred office background.Present about reading, education, writing, instructions or anything that can be related with books.Customize the lines and circles by changing their shape or color – use symbols to illustrate each topic.A professional looking Excellent Presentation template suitable for an education, school or business presentation.Simply insert your content and tell your story!Present about creative writing, learning, literature, thesis, project writing, rules, laws. Read more ›

Connect a team Prezi template

Making connections Prezi template with connecting peoples together. Communicate with social media message. Connect a team or a group of friends, men, women, job seekers, business contacts, LinkedIn group, facebook community together and display an information about every person. Could Read more ›

Paper Cut Story Prezi

Paper Cut Story Prezi template with hands holding a letter.

Concept of telling a story, introducing something through paper cut style elements.

3d blue mystical blur bokeh background with fading letters.

Two hands are holding up a white piece of paper on an isolated background. Read more ›

Steps to Success – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with the concept of steps to success.A white 3D stair with a red carpet on a grey gradient background.Template can be used for various presentation topics: tutorials, teaching, achieving success, business or career.Present how to improve something, achieve goals or grow your business.NB: the color or the amount of 5 steps in the stair cannot be changed.Contact us for a custom version of this Prezi.Present about career ladder, steps to success, aiming high, red carpet, path to success Read more ›

Unlock creativity Presentation template

Unlock creativity Creative template with padlock symbol made from semi-transparent colorful circles. Unlock Creativity has elegant colorful design and is recommended for various topics, for example, creativity code, creativity hack, cyber creativity, control creativity, creativity trends. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE

5 Options – Prezi Next Presentation Template

A businessman showing 5 different options on a technology background.A simple Prezi Next template for presenting 5 choices.Talk about making important business choices or decisions.Change the color of each topic and zoom in for your ideas. Read more ›

Creative Thoughts – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for a presentation about creative thinking, ideas, and brainstorming.A 3D light bulb with half of the bulb as a brain shape.Light up your ideas and insert your content around the light bulb.Talk about creative thinking, sharing ideas, business plans, or your personal thoughts. Read more ›

Strategic Planning – Prezi Next Presentation Template

What are your business strategies and goals?A simple 3D Best Prezi Next Presentation template template with a soccer goal and businessman with a soccer ball.The goal is filled with dark square topics and various business related icons.Use the template to present about business or replace the icons and actually talk about football/soccer.Zoom into the topics with a nice soccer net background effect.Delete the businessman if you wish to present about a sports topic. Read more ›

Globe – Prezi Presentation Template

Globe – Excellent Presentation templateClose-up of a girl’s hands holding together and a shining globe is floating in the air above hands. Place text all over the globe, zoom in and use continents, cities or any places and landmarks for positioning a slide. Best for global topics: global business, events, marketing, global problems, protecting the environment. Read more ›

Media Monsoon – Prezi Presentation Template

The Media Industry Has Exploded with thousand of movies, apps, websites, websites, TV series coming out daily.Create a presentation and talk about various media types, communication or social media.A white 3D cloud and app icon symbols/rectangles flying out of it.Present about the internet or online media, a good template for a technology/gadget related Prezi. Read more ›

Water Bottle – Prezi Presentation Template

Creative Excellent Presentation template for a water related presentation topic.Water bottle shape formed from colorful blue rectangles.Highly customizable, move each rectangle separately and change colors and background image.Present about the healthy factors of water.Talk about clean drinking water, pollution, global warming, ice melting. Read more ›

Connection structure prezi presentation

Abstract background with connected lines and integrated circles. The concept for communication, business, social media, eco, technology network and web design.
Structure with connected lines with 3D background effect. Add more circles, change size and color.

Read more ›

Online Shopping – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with the concept of online shopping.Walk into an online shop with your shopping cart.Browse the products and shop for the best deals.View the accepted payment methods and delivery options.Includes separated elements – move the objects around and create your own layout or change the backgroundVectors designed by Freepik Read more ›

Escalate – Prezi Presentation Template

A creative arrow diagram with an escalator background concept.A steps diagram with a colorful arrow and a dark escalator background.Create an infographic diagram presentation with a growth and improvement concept.Zoom into the steps and insert your own content and ideas. Read more ›

Car Fanatic – Prezi Presentation Template

Best Presentation template for a cars/automotive related presentations.A modern thin shining car tire rim on a black and white garage door background.Zoom anywhere inside the tire wheel and insert your own content on a dark background.Present about racing, car tuning, street racing, car statistics, or selling/buying used cars.Talk about car maintenance, car repairs, driving, traffic, getting a drivers license.Suitable for any car related Prezi presentation. Read more ›

In Focus – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Zoom in and focus on a topic you like! Prezi template with a camera lens theme.
Presentation template with the concept of focusing in-depth on a certain idea and investigating it.
A camera lens with a light streak on a dark scene background.
Zoom into the circles and customize the topics for your own presentation.
Also suitable for the topics of media, press, photography, image gallery! Read more ›

Simple Business – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a minimal and professional business look.Light blue decagon shapes on a light background with soft shadows.Includes various business related icons, but can be used for any presentation topic.Move the elements, zoon anywhere and add your own content.Duplicate the decagons with the (Ctrl + D) command.Replace the background image.Good template for a professional business presentation Read more ›

World Business – Prezi Presentation Template

A professional 3D business Excellent Presentation template with a blue globe and colorful titles.Create an infographic company report or promote/market your products.All separated elements: Customize the colors and move the elements around.Use colorful titles and zoom in for the content details.Add your own symbols and icons to fill the placeholders.Show a business proposal, present annual results or simply create a professional Prezi on any topic.Customize the colors and adapt the Prezi for any topic.present about world politics, global topics, international relations, professional business or global companies. Read more ›

Smartphone Infographics – Prezi Presentation Template

An infographic Excellent Presentation template with a black smartphone and colorful lines on the screen.Present smartphone app related content, business statistics, marketing results, phone users, texting, data usage or any other content.Good template for presenting data, end illustrating the differences with as a line chart coming out of the screen.Present your new app from App Store or Play Store, talk about texting, mobile marketing, SEO, responsive websites or smartphone addiction or applications.Change the color and size of the lines –  zoom in anywhere and insert your own content. Read more ›

Career Ladder – Prezi Presentation Template

Talk about available jobs, employment or how to climb on the career ladder.3D looking Excellent Presentation template for a business, work and career related presentation.Big words CAREER LADDER (change to anything else) and a businessman cheering on top.SHow how to grow business or revenue and become a leader.All separated design elements, add your own title, move the businessman or ladder.Present about job vacancy, making a career plan, employment, working, looking for a a job Read more ›

Frames – Prezi Presentation Template

Creative Excellent Presentation template with a businessman in gray shirt using a futuristic 3D touch-screen media interface with frames.Multipurpose template for a multimedia rich presentation with images, videos, icons.Replace the “Your Logo Here” with your own text or image.Highly customizable: rearrange/move all the frames and create a custom unique layout.Create a media image/photo gallery, present your company or project overview and timeline.Good presentation template to illustrate modern topics: internet, multimedia, online, digital content, social media.Add your own images and crop them easily to fit the square frames.Create a futuristic media slideshow for presenting to a younger audience. Read more ›

Futuristic Ring – Prezi Presentation Template

Futuristic Ring Excellent Presentation template is inspired from arrow design.This Excellent Presentation template is good for business presentations, school projects and lot more.Fully customizable Excellent Presentation template. Read more ›

Move mountains – Prezi Presentation Template

Move mountainsExcellent Presentation template with mountain polygon shape.Vector based zoom and quality remain.The concept of holding an obstacle in your hand.The hand is holding mountain and mountain climbers.Mountain shape is one vector object. Read more ›

Future Technology circle presentation template

Future Technology circle infinite zoom diagram, black and white theme, 3D technology background. Use it for future topics, scanning, technology, high tech, future cars, future equipment, transportation, technology revolution, robotics, computing, game user interface. The best Prezi 3D background effect. Read more ›