In Focus – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Zoom in and focus on a topic you like! Prezi template with a camera lens theme.
Presentation template with the concept of focusing in-depth on a certain idea and investigating it.
A camera lens with a light streak on a dark scene background.
Zoom into the circles and customize the topics for your own presentation.
Also suitable for the topics of media, press, photography, image gallery! Read more ›

USA States Map – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Presentation template for showing a 3D USA map with outlined state borders and zoomable map elements.
Make a professional 3D map presentation with a top frontal view of a US map.
Zoom into the colorful map marker symbols and present details about each topic.
Customize the template by changing the background color with 1 click.
Talk about political issues, state laws, economic or geographical differences.
A white 3D outlined USA map on gradient studio background. Read more ›

Circles – Prezi Next Presentation Template

A multipurpose Best Prezi Next Presentation template template with a circles layout.
A Round placeholder for a central image (add your own picture) and topics scattered around it.
While zooming in the background turns into a blurred city background.
Present about any, personal or business project.
Customize the layout, change colors, add topics and rearrange elements or icons. Read more ›

Celebration – Prezi Next Presentation Template

It’s party time! A 3D Prezi presentation template with colorful balloons on a wood stage.
A creative template for creating on online invitation for a birthday, wedding or any other type of party.
Template features interesting transition effects, with each balloon staying as your slide background while zooming in.
Change the title on the balloon and zoom in to present your content about that topic.
Create an amusing online invitation to your event or make a presentation on a party topic. Read more ›

Overcoming Obstacles – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Running a business, or actually doing anything requires overcoming obstacles.
You must overcome problems just like jumping over hurdles.
Make a Prezi presentation about problems, illustrated with hurdles on a sports track.
Whatever you’re up to, make sure you can jump! Read more ›

Branded Car – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Best Prezi Next Presentation template with a customizable 3D car.
Create your own branded car design directly within Prezi Next.
Upload your own branding style to the car and create an infographic Prezi.
Introduce your company or a new business idea.
Showcase the services, team, pricing etc. Explain every aspect of the business.
A great template for a business presentation related with transport and delivery service. Read more ›

Laptop Screen – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Create yourself a professional looking Best Prezi Next Presentation template.
A colorful user interface layout on a business laptop screen.
Each rectangle represents a different topic, zoom in for your content.
An organised looking presentation template, suitable for a business presentation.
Introduce your company, website or project, make a timeline, show your portfolio.
The laptop screen includes a few blank rectangles for inserting your own presentation title and subtitles. Read more ›

Digital Overview – Prezi Next Presentation Template

The future of digital technology is now – a presentation template with a digital technology concept.
A businessman holding a black tablet computer and a hologram display with circles hovering above it.
Add your own topics and zoom into your presentation slides. Replace the icons with your own or add topic titles.
The template includes many example placeholder slides that you can use: timeline, world, map, team overview etc.
An abstract technology related Prezi Next template with a dark theme and circle layout for topics. Read more ›

Whiteboard – Prezi Next Presentation Template

The whiteboard is your creative canvas for a presentation.
Present your ideas on a blank whiteboard with sketch-styled icons and arrows.
Move around the elements and add your own topics.
Change the color of the circles and create your own story.
Make a business pitch or talk about a new project.
A whiteboard Best Prezi Next Presentation template template. Read more ›

Digital Mind – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Can a human brain be digitized one day? Can humans become immortal by living forever as half robots?
These are questions probably everyone are thinking about in the artificial intelligence sector.
Best Prezi Next Presentation template template with a digital technology brain concept.
An electric brain with microchip pattern on a blue background.
A great template for talking about AI (artificial intelligence), deep learning, singularity and robotics.
Will a robot be smarter than a human one day? Do your research and present it with this template! Read more ›

Digital Roadmap – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Are you on the right track with your digital strategy and online business?
A creative 3D technology timeline Best Prezi Next Presentation template template.
A curvy asphalt road going into a laptop screen with timeline markers on it.
Present about technological developments or IT roadmap in your business.
Add more timeline events by duplicating the existing elements.
Show the curvy road to adopting to digital changes and digitalizing real world content. Read more ›

Jeopardy – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Build yourself the world’s most famous quiz game with a jeopardy game Prezi presentation template.
Make your own quiz game, add your own topics, answers and play with your audience.
Zoom into any topic with a click of a mouse or point and scroll –  fill in the categories and add questions inside the boxes.
A great way to build a simple interactive jeopardy game with Prezi Next and play with your friends, family or your viewers. Read more ›

My Plans – Prezi Next Presentation Template

How to make a business plan? I don’t have the answer to you, but I can show you how to present it!
Introduce your business plans and sketched ideas with a Best Prezi Next Presentation template template.
Businessman holding a white paper filled with hand draw icons on an office background scene.
Create your own slide path and show the key points in your masterplan.
Rearrange the elements on the paper canvas and make your own design for the plan.
Talk about business startup plans, business proposal plans, project sketches, company management, or simple personal plans for an event Read more ›

Structural – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Looking for a simple and professional 3D Prezi Next template?
No awkards megazooms or rotations – a multipurpose Prezi Template with a circular 3D structure.
Insert your own round images and create a minimalistic yet professional presentation for any topic.
Customize the color of the topic circles or add your own icons instead of the text covers.
A nicely structured presentation suitable for a short business pitch or project introduction.
The 3 images give a great overview about the presentation and hint the viewers about the content.
How to make round images? If you don’t have access to Photoshop or similar software, we recommend Lunapic (not affiliated)
NB: the color or shape of the main circles structure cannot be changed. Contact us for a custom design. Read more ›

5 Options – Prezi Next Presentation Template

A businessman showing 5 different options on a technology background.
A simple Prezi Next template for presenting 5 choices.
Talk about making important business choices or decisions.
Change the color of each topic and zoom in for your ideas. Read more ›

Press Conference – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Ready for your first press conference?
Best Prezi Next Presentation template template with a press conference theme – a microphone and a press conference room background.
What are you going to present to the reporters and journalists?
Talk about your personal project or a startup company.
Rearrange the topics or add your own – customize the color of the topic circles. Read more ›

Web Research – Prezi Next Presentation Template

A Prezi presentation template for an internet and online research related topic.
How do you find the correct information on the web, when Google gives you millions of results for every query?
If you’re like most of the people, then you trust your search engine and only look at the first page of the results.
A colorful template with squares hovering over a background with a man using a keyboard and mouse.
Illustrate the concept of doing keyword analysis and finding the correct information from the web.
Use the existing demo elements like features list, timeline, map, team or delete and completely add your own content.
Customize the color of the squares to match your company branding style. Read more ›

Milestones – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Want to present a timeline, roadmap, achievements or important milestone events?
A creative 3D Prezi presentation template with a bumpy road in the sky going ever higher.
Take your viewers on a small ride and talk about the most important dates in your personal or business life.
Zoom into the colorful map marker symbols and insert your own content.
Use the example demo slides or replace everything with your own.
Add your own dates onto the milestones or replace them with text titles.
I hope you have a parachute, because what goes up, must come down eventually 🙂 Read more ›

Abstract Shape – Prezi Next Presentation Template

What is an abstract presentation template? You’re looking at one right now!
A creative presentation template featuring red and white 3d tangled wires and red spheres.
Zoom into the red spheres and insert your own content.
Duplicate the existing sphere topics to create more slides.
Make a presentation about abstract modern art or simply use it to illustrate a topic that doesn’t fit anywhere else. Read more ›

Pave The Way – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Pave your own way to success! A Creative timeline presentation template.
3D Prezi template with a new asphalt road rolling out into the distance.
Make a business timeline or roadmap related presentation.
Talk about milestone achievements or future goals and targets you would like to reach.
Zoom into the colorful marker symbols and insert your own content.
Use the example slide layouts or replace with your own. Read more ›

Year Timeline – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Presentation template for a year timeline – a calendar hanging on a white wall.
A calendar Prezi template with a colorful box for each month.
Zoom into the dates and insert your content, add more slides into any month.
Easily customize the colors of the boxes and build your own layout.
A great template for presenting about your annual plans or a timeline of events. Read more ›

Tombstones – Prezi Next Presentation Template

In loving memory of Microsoft PowerPoint, killed by too many bullet points.
A funny Halloween themed Prezi Next template to spice up your presentation.
Tombstones with funny writings on a sunset background and a witch flying on the background.
Zoom onto the tombstones, add funny texts or stories –  perfect template for your Halloween presentation. Read more ›

Catwalk – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Have you got some style or do you follow the Walmart High Fashion?
A Best Prezi Next Presentation template template with a catwalk concept, perfect for a fashion related presentation.
A dark catwalk stage with models walking on the runway.
Make a presentation about the fashion industry and clothing design.
Talk about the history, famous models, clothing styles, show a gallery of best works.
Remember, when you fall on the catwalk or during your presentation, get right back up 🙂 Read more ›

Creativity Palette – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Bring out the best of your presentation by using bright colors!
A Best Prezi Next Presentation template template with a paint palette on an art studio background.
Forget about boring and dull slides – have a different color for each topic.
It is well know that colors are associated with emotions so depending on your topic use this concept.
Make a creative and positive Prezi about the art sector. Read more ›

Music Flow – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Music can make magic happen in our brains, so make a fascinating presentation about it!
An audio/music themed Prezi Next template with a colorful equalizer graphic on a colorful dark wave background.
Zoom into the colorful rectangles and insert your own content.
Present about famous bands, the science of music, clubs, promote a concert or your own work. Read more ›

Speed Challenge – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Pedal to the metal? Looking for a speed related presentation template?
A Prezi Next template with a blue speedometer background theme.
Insert your presentation title or logo to the center and topics around it in an arc.
A good presentation template for talking about the auto industry, racing, car sports, driving etc.
Zoom into the topic circles and insert your own content.
Use the demo placeholder content for getting started or replace with your own.
Customize the colors of the topic circles to match your branding style. Read more ›

Networking – Prezi Next Presentation Template

To succeed in business, you need luck, money, skills, and probably a thousand of other things, but most importantly – other people.
A Best Prezi Next Presentation template template with the concept of making business connections, networking, and finding partners.
A businessman in suit pointing a finger at a network shape, with circles representing differet topics.
Talk about finding business partners, the network surroundig your company, or the connections needed in a specific business field. Read more ›

Electric – Prezi Next Presentation Template

There’s some electricity in the air! A thunder and lightning themed Prezi presentation template.
A dark background with a lightning strike and circle electric rings with your topics.
Creative template for making a presentation with a powerful message, or just about the forces of nature.
Did you know, that lightning also serves an important role in the nitrogen cycle by oxidizing diatomic nitrogen in the air into nitrates, which are deposited by rain and can fertilize the growth of plants and other organisms. Read more ›

Medical Card – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Is there a doctor on board? Does anyone know the cure for bad presentations?
Take this blue pill! It’s called a zoomable Prezi presentation template.
This treatment will cure your PowerPoint sickness and replace it with zoom nausea.
A medical themed Prezi presentation template with various medical icons and a doctor standing on the background.
Presenta about a specific hospital, medical conditions, drugs and treatments or generally about health. Read more ›

Colorful Hexagons – Prezi Next Presentation Template

A colorful presentation template with a hive concept.
Colorful hexagons on a 3d hive themed background scene.
Zoom into the colorful symbols and insert your content.
Move the hexagons shapes around and duplicate to create a unique layout.
Presentation template with colorful hexagons forming a round shape.
Use the template to promote your business or make a colorful portfolio layout. Read more ›