By the Book – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with an open book on wood table and a blurred office background.Present about reading, education, writing, instructions or anything that can be related with books.Customize the lines and circles by changing their shape or color – use symbols to illustrate each topic.A professional looking Excellent Presentation template suitable for an education, school or business presentation.Simply insert your content and tell your story!Present about creative writing, learning, literature, thesis, project writing, rules, laws. Read more ›

Book Presentation – Prezi Next Presentation Template

You guessed it! This is a a presentation template for talking about a book!
A 3D Prezi presentation template for a book review presentation.
Front view of a book standing on a wooden surface on a library background.
Easily insert your own cover image onto the book and create a realistic 3D scene.
Topic covers hovering around the book, describing different topics, zoom in and add your own content.
A simple template for talking about a book reading assignment or presenting a book you have written yourself.
Great template for use in educational presentations, literature, introducing a famous author or book series. Read more ›