Control the World – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a dark world map and a businessman/politician pointing to the map on a technology/control room background.Good presentation template for illustrating politics, world relations, war, global trade, dictators, secret services.Talk about secret organizations controlling the world, international scandals, for example panama papers leak.Zoom anywhere on the map, illustrate your content with symbols or images.A futuristic theme with controlling the world with only a push of a button on a touchscreen. Read more ›

Problem and Solution – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a businessman drawing a red line through a maze/labyrinth.Illustrate solving problems and finding solutions, or making the right decisions in life of business.A simple yet effective template for showing how to overcome obstacles.Present your strategy, vision, finding a way out or you plans for the future.Zoom anywhere and insert your own content and background image.Change the color of the red line, change the path, make it longer or shorter.Talk about thinking outside the box, finding unusual solutions to problems. Read more ›

Write a Plan – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple Excellent Presentation template with a male hand holding a pencil and writing keywords of a successful plan to the screen.Good template for project management, business planning, leadership or pitching your ideas.Start your presentation with one keyword (add your own) and animate in 1 by one what that keyword is made of.Show the linking words and zoom in for the content word slides.Replace the blurred office background with your own image.Play a crossword game and highlight the correct answer in the end.Get creative and customize the Prezi for any topic you need. Read more ›

Round Table – Prezi Presentation Template

Round Table with yellow and black colors. 3D white background with Leather Living Room Chairs arranged in a circle. Use a template for meetings, discussion, Round Table events. Excellent Presentation template has a vector based table element. Replace headings and texts, insert your logo to the center of Prezi.Round Table is a social networking and charitable organisation for men. Membership of Table provides a selection of social and community service related opportunities for its members, who come from all parts of the community. Read more ›

Annual Report – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with an abstract infographic circle shape on a blue/grey background.Suitable for a business / annual report data presentation.Present sales, reports, prognosis, diagrams and conclusions and show who should get fired and the end of the day.Add your logo in the middle and zoom anywhere to add your content.Create a sleek and professional business styled Prezi presentation.Use the separated elements to create your own unique layout and change the background image. Read more ›