Simple Cubes – Prezi Presentation Template

A minimalistic yet professional 3D Excellent Presentation template with white and colorful cubes and a network background.Suitable for a large variety of presentation topics. Customize by adding suitable symbols.Present your creative business ideas or even simple school projects.Template has a general and neutral look so it can easily be customized for many topics.Add your own background image and replace or delete the example icons.Let your creativity fly and and zoom around the 3D illustration. Read more ›

3D Cubical – Prezi Presentation Template

Professional infographic Excellent Presentation template with 3D cubes and colorful arrow titles.An abstract white cubing breaking into smaller cubical shapes.A simple multipurpose and colorful Prezi for business or personal presentation topic.Includes a light network background – replace with your own image.Move the boxes around, change the color of the arrows and add more slides.Create a simple yet professional presentation with an abstract layout. Read more ›

Planning – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with planning a business concept.Hand is drawing and writing boxes on the screen.A good prezi to introduce your plans or business concepts.Use the box and line elements to build a totally unique layout.The hand, lines and boxes are all separated objects.Add your own background image. Read more ›

Building Success – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with the concept of building a successful business or a small company.Businessman is gray suit carrying colorful shapes and building them into a bar graph on a city background.Rearrange the shapes and create your own concept, easily change color and size.Good template for a creative business presentation..Show how to start to company or build a startup businessAdd different symbols and adapt the Prezi for any other topic. Read more ›

Quick Overview – Prezi Presentation Template

A Simple and Colorful Excellent Presentation template with boxes for content and images on a city background.Good template for your company introduction or showing a simple timeline.Customize the boxes by adding your own colors and change the background image.Resize the rectangles and create the shape you need.Present a timeline, roadmap, business overview, team members, milestones, important dates.A multipurpose template with lots of customization options, replace year numbers, with text or symbols.Replace the background image with your own. Read more ›

Idea Unboxing – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for a presentation related with creative thinking outside the box and ideas.3D cardboard box with colorful and semi-transparent circles flying out of it.Add your own symbols and fill in your own content.Zoom anywhere, create a new slide path and show the unboxing of your great ideas.Present about creative thinking, innovation, colorful ideas, creativity, unboxing. Read more ›

Cubes Infographic – Prezi Presentation Template

3D Excellent Presentation template with squares/boxes. Customize the color with 1 click.Create a professional infographic presentation or use it for personal topics.Add your own icons that are most suitable for your presentation topic.Use it for creative marketing, talking about your new product/service or introducing your company.A multipurpose template with a simple yet professional look and 3D cubes.Talk about the future, forecasts, prognosis, technology, IT.Use the default Prezi 30 colors, or add your own custom color to the circle via CSS editor.NB: the white background color cannot be changed. Read more ›

Rational Free Prezi Presentation Template

Rational Prezi free Free Prezi Presentation template. White background, free, blue boxes. Suitable for: Business presentations, thinking outside the boundaries, setting targets, Presentation of good ideas, educational presentations, for students. Read more ›

Content Boxes – Prezi Presentation Template

A simple, clean and minimalistic multipurpose Excellent Presentation template with colorful boxes.Easily customizable for any topic, click on the square and add your own color and symbol.Good template for presenting your company or team, services and products.Separate each topic with a different color, which makes it easily distinguishable.Rearrange the squares and add as many as you need.use it for a professional business presentation or for a personal presentation Read more ›

Transport Ideas – Prezi Presentation Template

3D Prezi presentation for a transport/delivery/logistics related Presentation.A white truck with a pile of cardboard boxes behind it.Add your own branding image or logo on the truck.Zoom onto the boxes, add your own symbols, image or logos to illustrate your topic.Present about delivering packages, ecommerce sales, or present your logistics or transport services. Read more ›

Perspectives – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with 3D perspective squares on a white gradient background.2 kind of squares included: yellow & white (colors not customizable)Customize the template to fit your presentation topic by adding suitable symbols.116+ icon available from the Prezi insert menu.Zoom anywhere and add your content.Change the background color or add your own background image.Contact us to have the template in your company colors.Creative multipurpose template suitable for a business or personal presentation. Read more ›

Business Card (Male) – Prezi Presentation Template

Creative Excellent Presentation template for introducing your company or organization.Businessman holding a colorful business card and showing it to the camera on an office background.Template includes colorful rectangle shapes: each for a different topic of the presentation.Customize by moving and resizing the boxes, change the colors easily.Illustrate each topic with a selected icon from the Prezi icons archive.Great template for promoting your company, whether small or big.Present sales results, business graphs, company overviews, introduce your team or a startup plan. Read more ›

Hierarchy – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple Prezi diagram template for visually showing an Organizational chart.Introduce your company or teammembers, show the structure of your organization.Describe the relations and talk about each position/job.Customize by moving the boxes, create your own unique layout.Insert your own images into the boxes. Add image – right click and choose “Send to Back”. Read more ›

Boxed Ideas – Prezi Presentation Template

Creative 3D Excellent Presentation template with white cubes forming a circle.3D design boxes with a motion effect on transitions.Multipurpose template, suitable for various creative presentations.Customize by replacing the icons with your own symbols, letters or numbers.Suitable for a business or personal presentation.Simple, clean and professional design circle, and infographic look.Use it for a professional business or personal presentation. Read more ›

Bright Layout – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple Excellent Presentation template with a minimal and flat squares layout.Various colorful rectangles on a bright blurred background.Multipurpose and easily customizable Excellent Presentation template.Change the colors of the boxes and rearrange to fit your content.Duplicate the boxes and add more placeholders for your content.Present your creative ideas for a project or show your business ideas. Read more ›

Equality – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with an equality concept: Cardboard boxes on a balance swing, teeter-totter or a seesaw.A good template for presentation related with comparison, honesty, balance, equality, fairness, law, money, business, accounting, balancing the books, rights etc…Includes all separated design elements: Move the graphics and combine the layout you need.Tilt the swing to one side or find the right balance!Present about balance in life, comparison, truce, treaty. Read more ›

Technical Drawing – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for sketching and technical drawing. Simple black and white color boxes. Animating from slide to slide you see 3D boxes on a 3D background. Draw lines and arrows. You can use also blue and red rectangle shapes for a text background. Replace headlines, text, add your logo. Read more ›

Arrow Timeline – Prezi Presentation Template

A simple, creative and colorful timeline Excellent Presentation template with content boxes.Create a business or company history timeline, share memories or important events.Highly customizable template: move, rearrange, resize and change color of every element.Add your own background image, zoom in anywhere for the content details.Individually edit each of the content boxes, add dates, year number or remove them completely.Add as many boxes as you need for your presentation and define the path.Present a business timeline, creative company roadmap, important milestones, Read more ›

Project Launch – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Ready to launch your next big project?A creative 3D Prezi Next template with a rocket launching from a laptop screen.A great Prezi template for presenting about a technology company or startup launch.Present about your mission and targets, team, map, show images and your contact information.Includes separated elements: transport truck, macbook laptop, 3D earth with boxes. Read more ›

Box Layout – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple Excellent Presentation template with 3D cubes forming a wall.Zoom around and insert your own content. Replace the symbols.Transitions create a 3D motion effect.Suitable for a creative business or personal presentation.Multipurpose template suitable for many presentation topics. Read more ›

Computer Screen – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple Excellent Presentation template with colorful rectangles on a computer screen/monitor.Add your own images, text and customize the colors of the boxes.Replace the imac computer screen with your own logo or text.A multipurpose template suitable for various presentation topics: business or personal.Create a photo slideshow or gallery, introduce your company or a timeline.Replace the symbols with more suitable icons for your presentation topic.Talk about an app, website or some other IT, data, internet or technology service. Read more ›

Think outside the box prezi presentation

Creative template with big 3D box in the center and colorful boxes surrounding it.The presentation has 3D background effect when zooming in.
Thinking outside the box concept Prezi with the image of sky and clouds located inside the box. Think outside the box concept, present ideas, freedom, inspiration, success, progress, future, new ideas. Add video, images, photos, more slides. Read more ›

Project Launch – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Ready to launch your big project? Do you know what usually happens on the first try?
A creative presentation template with a rocket launching from a laptop screen.
Best suitable for presenting about a technology company, a startup pitch deck or a new project launch.
Present about your mission and targets. Show your team, world map, image gallery and your contact information.
Includes separated elements: transport truck, macbook laptop, 3D earth with boxes.
Move the elements around and customize the layout to fit your needs. Read more ›

Content Wall – Prezi Presentation Template

A highly customizable and professional multi-purpose Best Presentation template with semi-transparent rectangles.Many placeholders for text, images and videos, which form a hovering wall interface.Rearrange the layout and add more content, add your own background image and colors.Suitable for many presentations topics: business, medical, healthcare, education, school, marketing.Present any creative project overview. Good template for professional presentation containing lots of media, images or videos.Change color of each rectangle separately, or all together via CSS editor.Create a simple yet highly organized and professional Excellent Presentation template without zooming around too much. Read more ›

Logistics – Prezi Presentation Template

3D Best Presentation template for a logistics/transport/delivery related presentation.A 3D laptop with scattered cardboard boxes, illustrating online sales and shipping.Good template for presenting the services of a transport company.Present about onlines sales, free shipping, delivering packages around the world. Read more ›

Brainstorming with cubes – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for brainstorming, use it with 3D cubes. Use a template for individual or group brainstorming. Excellent Presentation template has a simple vector based brain symbol and flash vector elements. More slides with 3D cubes can be added. Change colors, modify shapes, texts. Shapes are vector based. Prezi has separated elements, move and rearrange them. Recolor rectangular white text backgrounds easily because they are CSS based. Read more ›