Mind Puzzle – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with blue 3d jigsaw puzzle pieces, forming a head shape.Present about creative thinking, brain, ideas, thoughts, learning, memory, psychology.Create a quiz about human brain.Replace the illustrative icons with your own content.Talk about human brain, learning, neurons, thinking concept, human knowledge. Read more ›

My Ideas – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for presenting your creative and bright ideas.A light bulb icon and colorful circles lighting it up.Animate in the circle one by one.Number each idea and zoom for the details.Customize by adding as many ideas as needed.Good template for presenting a team project, brainstorming results or creative thinking, learning, school, education, pitching an idea. Read more ›

Injection – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with an injection concept.Syringe with animated bubbles is injecting content into a topic.A good template for a variety of presentations.Add your own dose of the “drug” and start injecting your ideas.Zoom anywhere and add your own content, use the separated elements to create your own layout.Present about medical topics, healthcare, injections, vaccines, diseases, viruses, health risks.A good template for a medical or healthcare presentation. Read more ›

Brain Food – Prezi Presentation Template

Create a unique keyword-based presentation with this Excellent Presentation template.Mixed pieces of white paper on a white food plate.Replace the examples with your own keywords, change fonts and text colors.Template also includes a hand with spoon which can be used to animate in final 2 keywords.Use the milk glass to surprise the audience with a hidden message.Make a creative marketing presentation, or really talk about cooking, eating, diet, vitamins, or health.Suitable for a good presenter who does not need to show text on slides. Read more ›

Creative Space – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a 3D world inside a light bulb and sketched symbols around it.Template for a creative presentation, show your ideas or drafts, thoughts, business plans or vision.NB: the sketched icons cannot be moved separately. Light bulb and globe are separated elements.Show your creativity and how ideas can change the entire world and the environment.Present about global big ideas or about small initiatives that can grow and make a change.Icons: music note, paper airplane, email envelope, ruler, globe world map, atom, pencil, computer, science beaker. Read more ›

Bright Ideas – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a concept where ideas are represented as light bulbs.5 light bulbs with a reflection in a row on a blue gradient background.Add your ideas inside the light bulbs and duplicate the elements to add more placeholders.All objects are separated so you can rearrange them and create your own layout.Present your brightest idea by lighting up the light bulb.Talk about creative thinking, business ideas, pitching, sharing ideas and thoughts, innovation. Read more ›

Tree of Ideas – Prezi Presentation Template

A very unique Excellent Presentation template with a brown tree made of objects.Present your story and zoom anywhere in the Prezi. Includes a grass layer and blue 3D background.Note: the tree is one single element, objects are not movable separately!Complete list of objects in the tree: star, coffee cup, leafs, knife, cake, watermelon, star, fork, ice cream, cherries, chopsticks, cake, pear, tea kettle, table, glass bottle, hamburger, wine glass, coffee kettle, potatoes, chair, ice cream, tea mug, cocktail, spoon, fish, egg and an apple. Read more ›

Fishing for Ideas – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with the concept of fishing for ideas.Template includes a fisherman catching ideas from the water and a fishing boat on the background.Zoom into the ocean of ideas and present the best ones.A good template from showing your ideas or the results of brainstorming as a team.Move the elements around, create your own layout and add as many placeholders as you need. Read more ›

Big Plans – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a businessman climbing on a ladder and writing a big plan to a wall.Present your creative business ideas and plans, sketch out your creative and big thoughts.Big plans and ideas need a big canvas as they are too small for a piece of paper.Sketch out your wildest business or creative ideas and use included sketched icons to illustrate.All icons are movable separately – zoom in and add your own content anywhere.Delete the businessman and use the wall background with only the ladder image.A good template for creative marketing or presenting your draft/blueprint ideas. Read more ›

Airstrike – Prezi Presentation Template

Creative Excellent Presentation template for presenting about ideas, brainstorming, sketching a project or anything related with drawing onto paper.An origami airplane jet fighter on a crumpled paper 3d background.Narrow down and lock your targets: present your creative idea and show how you will execute it. Read more ›

Making The Connections – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a brainstorming and network concept.Blue dots connected with each other on a 3D molecular background.Make new connections and figure out how to link your ideas.Add your own symbols and define your own slide path.Make a presentation about network connections, IT internet cloud services.Make a mindmap or a cloud of ideas. Read more ›

Business in a Box – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for presenting your creative ideas.Colorful rectangles flying out of a cardboard box.Customizable elements: rearrange the layout and add as many symbols/rectangles as needed.If you are thinking outside the box then it is time to show it! Read more ›

Idea Machine – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a creative Idea Machine concept.A conveyor machine with various technology elements.Gather the input and the machine will produce great ideas as the output.Zoom in anywhere in the Prezi and add your own content.A creative template for showing the production process of good ideas.Show how you or your company makes good ideas happen and innovation is born.Show all the processes in the idea factory production line. Read more ›

Fill the Mind Prezi Presentation Template – Prezi Presentation Template

Fill the Mind Excellent Presentation templateModern looking fireman is holding a long fire hose and filling an empty mind with colored circles.  Illustration with colored circles can be a concept of an emergency solution, where there are no ideas left in the mind. The action with filling mind is going on top of the man head silhouette that is a blue color.Fireman can fill the head with ideas, rapid knowledge, thoughts. Can be also a plan for distinguishing bad ideas, thoughts. Useful for topics: business, digital marketing, invention, solution thinking, brainstorming, success concept, action taking, inspiring people, learning new, forgetting old. Elements and symbols that are used in the design: fireman, ladder, hose, man head silhouette profile view, circles, book. Read more ›

Open Minded – Prezi Presentation Template

Creative Excellent Presentation template with a man and a light bulb (replace with your own symbol) inside the head.A good concept for presentations related with ideas, creativity, thinking, brainstorm, teamwork, collaboration.Illustrate an open minded person or situation with creative ideas flying around.Background includes various sketch drawing icons and flying letters and numbers.Talk about an inspirational atmosphere or innovative ideas, public speaking forum or community of ideas. Read more ›

Solve a Problem – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for presenting your ideas or showing how to solve a problem.A light bulb with colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces on a world map background.Animate the pieces in one by one and present your ideas.Add the symbols you need to illustrate your topic from the Prezi “Insert” menu.Present your business ideas, the assembly of your ideas, or solutions to any other problems.Create a diagram of ideas, forming of an idea, a creative infographic diagram. Read more ›

Head Sectors – Prezi Presentation Template

What are the sectors in your head?3D Excellent Presentation template with an illustration of inside the head with multiple rooms and silhouettes of people.Show the different areas of your brain/head and how they affect the thinking.Creative template for presenting about ideas, creativity, learning, human body and mind.Talk about psychology or the things that affects our behavior.Present about thoughts, creative processes, neurons, creative minds, mindmaps, collaborative thinking, teams Read more ›

Good Ideas – Prezi Presentation Template

A simple Excellent Presentation template with the light bulb ideas concept.Includes a 3D background and smooth 3D transitions between slides.Add an “Ahhaa” moment in the end by zooming in and lighting up a light bulb on a dark background.Move or duplicate the light bulbs to create your own layout.Note: the blurred light bulbs on the background are on single image.Present about creative ideas, innovation, business ideas, thinking or brainstorming. Read more ›

Creative Cluster – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a grayscale color scheme: various circles on a 3D background.A creative, minimalistic and multipurpose template suitable for an educational, school or business presentation.Illustrate your content with symbols and creative clusters for each topic.Zooming around the frames creates an interesting 3D transition effect.The sleek design makes the template suitable for many topics including corporate, real estate listings, technology, diagrams, mindmaps or IT.Contact us for a customization service to get the template in your company colors. Read more ›

Brainstorming with cubes – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for brainstorming, use it with 3D cubes. Use a template for individual or group brainstorming. Excellent Presentation template has a simple vector based brain symbol and flash vector elements. More slides with 3D cubes can be added. Change colors, modify shapes, texts. Shapes are vector based. Prezi has separated elements, move and rearrange them. Recolor rectangular white text backgrounds easily because they are CSS based. Read more ›