Branded Car – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Best Prezi Next Presentation template with a customizable 3D car.
Create your own branded car design directly within Prezi Next.
Upload your own branding style to the car and create an infographic Prezi.
Introduce your company or a new business idea.
Showcase the services, team, pricing etc. Explain every aspect of the business.
A great template for a business presentation related with transport and delivery service. Read more ›

Transport Ideas – Prezi Presentation Template

3D Prezi presentation for a transport/delivery/logistics related Presentation.A white truck with a pile of cardboard boxes behind it.Add your own branding image or logo on the truck.Zoom onto the boxes, add your own symbols, image or logos to illustrate your topic.Present about delivering packages, ecommerce sales, or present your logistics or transport services. Read more ›