Structure – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with an abstract 3d dark wireframe shape.Present about a network, connections, art, technology, biology, biotechnology, systems, robots.Zoom around the abstract shape and insert your content.Customize the color and size of the circles on the shape.A technical drawing/sketch draw style layout. Read more ›

Building Bridges – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a black and white city concept and a connecting bridge.Create a creative prezi about business, politics, tolerance, life in the modern city or any other topic.The grey color scheme creates a dark night city atmosphere.Talk about connections, relationships or building bridges between 2 different topics.Zoom anywhere between the buildings and skyscrapers.Present about politics, connecting people or ideas, getting to the other side, different views. Read more ›

Business Communication – Prezi Presentation Template

Business Communication Excellent Presentation templateBusiness communication template has hand drawn bridge between two heads and businesspeople are crossing over it. Close-up photographic businessman hand is drawing a bridge for help businesspeople to cross from one side to another. Business communication between two people where one idea is being accepted on another head. One brain can understand another from communication. A bridge is drawn by a third business person. The presentation has a blue color man and orange color woman face vector profiles.Recommended for creative business topics like risk taking, marketing, business help, consulting, business knowledge, business intelligence, business improvement. Move colorful circles, change slides, rearrange elements as you like, they are all vector based and separate. Read more ›