Business Communication prezi presentation

Business communication template has hand drawn bridge between two heads and businesspeople are crossing over it. Close-up photographic businessman hand is drawing a bridge for help businesspeople to cross from one side to another. Business communication between two people where one idea is being accepted on another head. One brain can understand another from communication. A bridge is drawn by a third business person. The presentation has a blue color man and orange color woman face vector profiles.

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Grow improve Prezi

Small plant growing. Business growth concept Prezi template. Read more ›

Solve a Topic – Prezi Presentation Template

A Creative 3D Best Presentation template with a Rubik’s cube concept.A Rubik’s cube with white faces and various business related icons.A ladder leading to the top of the cube, illustrating solution to the problem and the overall topic.Multipurpose Presentation template suitable for many topics: creative ideas, problem, solving, engineering, math.Insert your own numbers, symbols or images instead of the default numbers used in the preview.Great template for showing solutions to difficult problems, marketing tasks, unsolved issues, creative business startup ideas.Build your presentation around the Rubik’s cube concept which is known to a big puzzle – show a solution to your problem or topic. Read more ›

Grow Improve Prezi template

Small plant growing. Business growth concept Prezi template. 3d, banking, beautiful, business, care, concept, conceptual, development, economic, finance, grow, growth, help, idea, improve, improvement, invest, investment, keeping, life, loan, plant, prezi, safety, savings, security, small, template DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE

Creativity Circle Prezi template

Colorful static circles are separated elements. Rearrange, move, delete elements. abstract, advertisement, animated, animation, art, artistic, background, banner, black, blot, business, circle, colorful, cover, creative, decor, painting, pattern, planet, polygon, pop, presentation, prezi template, printing, raster, retro, round, shape, sign, Read more ›

Business Steps – Prezi Presentation Template

Business concept with multiple options, process from start to an end.Can be used for workflow layout. Template has a background image of colourful 3D steps, stairs are floating in the air.Place info or data onto the grey button style slide background.Add infographics, reports, data.Use symbols and shapes, has over 500 symbols.Demo text is funny and abstract from business pitch or success story. Read more ›

Sales report prezi presentation

Show your business to your potentials clients in a clean and elegant way with this Professional Prezi template of sales report.

Change colors, modify shapes, texts, charts. All shapes are vector base and charts are editable. Prezi has separated elements to create your own unique layout. Read more ›

Business Success prezi presentation

Business Success prezi presentation template. Business Success Prezi template with a key symbol, colorful labels and 3D background world map. Give a presentation about your business, marketing, your success story. Customize it. Colorful labels are separate elements. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE

Night City prezi presentation

Prezi has a great zoom in effect and Dark theme with three 3D city skyscrapers.

You can place slides also over the vector based houses, buildings, skyscrapers.

Give a presentation about business, city life, real estate prices, communication in the modern city or any other topic.

If you want to add sounds – City background noise or background music fits perfectly and creates an extra realistic look for the Prezi presentation.

Use white transparent frames to add your content in the Prezi. Read more ›

Colorful 3D Squares on grey background Prezi template

Colorful 3D Squares on grey background 3d, Block, blue, Brainstorming, business, Children, colorful, dream, future, game, idea, puzzle, red, shadow, square, story, yellow DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE

Data Analysis Prezi

Prezi Template with data analysis concept with the image of a computer keyboard.
You can edit data graphs, move, resize, rearrange graph bars because they are Prezi vector shapes.
A simple elegant presentation template with the 3D background is recommended for a lot of topics: Business, marketing, analysis, collection, visualization.
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Colorful speech bubble with twitter bird Prezi template

Colorful speech bubble with twitter bird Prezi template abstract, background, balloon, brain, bubble, business, chat, chatting, color, colorful, communication, concept, conversation, dialog, discussion, elements, icon, idea, illustration, internet, colorful, mosaic, shape, sign, bubble, speech, squares, Symbol, talk, text, think, trade, Read more ›

Box Layout – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple Excellent Presentation template with 3D cubes forming a wall.Zoom around and insert your own content. Replace the symbols.Transitions create a 3D motion effect.Suitable for a creative business or personal presentation.Multipurpose template suitable for many presentation topics. Read more ›

Catching big idea prezi presentation

Gray gradient background and blue man head silhouette profile view in the foreground where a businessman with fish rod catching big idea bulb from the brain or the human mind. The concept of needing good ideas, catching best ideas from people minds, brainstorming.

Idea fishing from the brain with the rod is recommended for any topic related to innovation, business idea, achievement, efficiency, business planning. Creative design can be a topic for copyright protection, intellectual property protection, idea protection,piracy.

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Timeline Template – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple timeline Excellent Presentation template with colorful circles on a line.Illustrate each step/year/event with a number, title and icons.Zoom in to present more details. Present a personal or business timeline or memorable events.Present about business achievements and milestones, company roadmap, personal timeline.Simple template for a creative online timeline presentation. Read more ›

Think big Prezi

Think Big Ideas

Colorful gear light bulb. Creative business concept Prezi with gears. Read more ›

Circle Infographics Prezi

Circle infographics Prezi template is made from vector circle elements for the infographic.

It can be Prezi template for cycling diagram, graph, presentation or round chart.

Prezi has a business concept with 8 options, parts, steps or processes.

Prezi template is made from lines, bars, graphs, circles. Read more ›

Glowing chart

Glowing chart Business Graph Prezi template. 3D. glowing background and colorful numbered circles 3d chart 3d chart excel data 3d excel data 3d chart Prezi 3d chart presentation DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE

Discovery Island prezi presentation

Prezi template, can be used in business, personal, charitable, educational Prezis.

Includes top view of the island, houses, swimming pool, mountains, umbrellas and other elements.

Move elements, change texts. Read more ›

Billboard prezi presentation

Colorful business presentation template with multiple placeholders for content in different colors arranged in a grid. Multi-purpose template with sample content of text and photos. Simply zoom in and move from slide to slide to display a content. Change content and rearrange it. Read more ›

Circle Options – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple Excellent Presentation template with a colorful 3D circle concept.Replace the icons on the colorful areas with your own.Present about choices, options, a process or a cycle.Present your company or business on introduce your creative project.A colorful rainbow circle design layout, suitable for various presentation topics.Add your own logo or text and replace the content icons. Read more ›

Business Steps prezi presentation template

Business concept with multiple options, process from start to an end.

Can be used for workflow layout. Template has a background image of colourful 3D steps, stairs are floating in the air.

Place info or data onto the grey button style slide background.

Add infographics, reports, data. Read more ›

Strategy – Prezi Presentation Template

Strategy Excellent Presentation template has a target with a red dart. Dart game concept Excellent Presentation template with a special 3d background. Give a presentation from a success story or about your business strategy from marketing achievements. Add your logo to the center and change headlines, texts. Read more ›

3D Cube – Prezi Presentation Template

A simple technology style 3D Excellent Presentation template with a cube concept.Simple black lines forming an illusion of a 3D infographic cube shape.Good template for presenting about technology, network, connections, or technical topics.Create a technical blueprint or a technical sketch drawing.Simple and minimalistic template suitable for a business or personal presentationPresent about information technology, network connections, online services. Read more ›

World Mapping – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a customizable dotted world map theme.A world map on an office wall background.Change the overall background color and that suits your theme.Use the built in Prezi colors or add your own via CSS.Make a presentation about a world related topic.Talk about business, global warming, war, nature, travel.A great Excellent Presentation template for an international world map presentation. Read more ›

Key Concept – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with 3D jigsaw puzzle pieces forming a key shape.Replace the icons with your own and customize for your Presentation topic.Present about the key to success, key solutions or how to unlock and open a secret or topic.Talk about the key points in business, education, life.Present about revealing business secrets, opening up a hot topic. Read more ›

TImeline Curves – Prezi Presentation Template

A simple timeline Best Presentation template with colorful circles and a dashed line.White backgrounds turns into a dark layer and reveals white content slides.Customize by adding your own icons, symbols, letters, numbers.A minimalistic timeline presentation template – present about a personal or business project. Read more ›

Board Game – Prezi Presentation Template

Best Presentation template with a classic board game concept.A snakes and ladders game board with 3d dice and game pawns.Make a creative strategy related presentation with ladders getting you higher and snakes sending you back.Show off your business strategy or show a development of a project.Easily customize the color of each box and resize. Read more ›

Creative Thoughts – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for a presentation about creative thinking, ideas, and brainstorming.A 3D light bulb with half of the bulb as a brain shape.Light up your ideas and insert your content around the light bulb.Talk about creative thinking, sharing ideas, business plans, or your personal thoughts. Read more ›

Globe – Prezi Presentation Template

Globe – Excellent Presentation templateClose-up of a girl’s hands holding together and a shining globe is floating in the air above hands. Place text all over the globe, zoom in and use continents, cities or any places and landmarks for positioning a slide. Best for global topics: global business, events, marketing, global problems, protecting the environment. Read more ›