Core Topics – Prezi Presentation Template

A 3D infographic diagram Excellent Presentation template with colorful and layered hemispheres.Present the core values of your business, company or simply 4 important topics.A simple yet professional looking template suitable for a corporate or personal presentations.Talk about IT project management, list 4 different key aspects and get to the core of the matter.Sphere includes 4 default colors: red, blue, yellow and CYAN. Contact us for a custom version. Read more ›

International Business – Prezi Presentation Template

3D infographic Excellent Presentation template with a world, arrow elements, and colorful shapes.A 3D sliced world on a sky background with an airplane (can be deleted)Create a professional business presentation with a world related topic.Talk about politics, world relations, geopolitics, traveling.Customize: resize and move all the infographic elements, change the colors and size of the arrows and circles.A very colorful and professional looking template with a business theme.Present about international business, aviation, traveling, world trade infographics. Read more ›

3D Circular Diagram – Prezi Presentation Template

A 3D circular pie infographics diagram chart Excellent Presentation template on a world map background.Add your own symbols/icons and customize for the topic you need.A professional 3D template with 7 different steps or stages represented as arrows.Describe a business concept, company overview, project progress.Create a creative circle flow chart or show a circular cycle process or progress chart.Don’t forget to zoom in anywhere and create a placeholder for the important details.A creative 3D pie chart for presenting simple data in organised way. Read more ›

Successful Business Deal – Prezi Presentation Template

A simple business Excellent Presentation template with a successful business deal concept.Infographic Diagram with business people silhouettes on 3D blue and green arrow.Includes colorful circles to illustrate topics and a world map background.Customize the layout by rearranging the elements, add your own background. Read more ›