Balanced Scorecard – Prezi Presentation Template

Best Presentation template with a 3D balanced scorecard diagram concept.Colorful 3D spheres balancing on one center sphere.Balanced scorecard is a general diagram used to measure the effectiveness of an activity compared to the strategic plans of a business.Present about ROI, return on investment, growth, fixed costs, profit.Talk about the growth of a company and employees.Also take a look from the customer’s side.Zoom in and insert your own contentNB: the color of the spheres cannot be changed. Read more ›

Problem and Solution – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a businessman drawing a red line through a maze/labyrinth.Illustrate solving problems and finding solutions, or making the right decisions in life of business.A simple yet effective template for showing how to overcome obstacles.Present your strategy, vision, finding a way out or you plans for the future.Zoom anywhere and insert your own content and background image.Change the color of the red line, change the path, make it longer or shorter.Talk about thinking outside the box, finding unusual solutions to problems. Read more ›