Business Pitch Free Prezi Presentation Template

Business Pitch free Free Prezi Presentation template. Colorful, problem, solution, competition, projections, Summary, Timeline Business model, marketing, under the hood, meet the team. Suitable for: business, companies. Requesting Money, investment and capital. Read more ›

Creative Concept – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with colorful circles forming a light bulb shape.Illustrate the circles with symbols and customize for your own presentation topic.Good template for sharing ideas, pitching, talking about innovation, creativity or success.Move and resize the circles individually (colors cannot be changed)Talk about mind maps, brainstorming or generating new ideas for a topic. Read more ›

Assemble a Team – Prezi Presentation Template

Business related Excellent Presentation template with a team concept.Various businessman and woman silhouettes on a world map background.Present your existing company/team or show which new members/partners you are looking for.Show the process of the assembly and describe which people you need.Separated design elements: move or duplicate the graphics and add as many people as needed.Zoom in to present the details about the vacancy or position.A good template for startup pitching, and presenting your business plan.Present about working together, office environment, business meetings. Read more ›

Going Global – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with the concept of growing a business idea and going global.A black and white themed world, dashed circles around it and sketched icons.Talk about international marketing, reaching new markets and clients.Good template for pitching about a startup business to investors or introducing a company.Present your product or service and talk about how to grow.Talk about global connections, relations, networks, world trade, politics, global effects, international business. Read more ›

Business Kickoff Rocket Free Prezi Presentation Template

Going to the moon with your business or reaching the stars? A great Free Prezi Presentation template to illustrate the kickoff of your business or sales results. A professional design with a rocket launch theme. Zoom in and insert your own topics. Talk about sales, business territories, sales training, and of course your team on this mission. A free Prezi Next template for sales kickoff plan presentation. Read more ›

Solve the Puzzle – Prezi Presentation Template

3D Excellent Presentation template with solving a puzzle or explaining a topic concept.A businessman carrying white jigsaw puzzle pieces from a pile and assembling them to a whole.A good template for a creative business, technology, marketing or educational presentation for explaining how to solve a problem.Illustrate different sections that make up the topic, show the whole process starting from just pieces to full completion.Use infographic elements, customize the lines and circles, change colors and add your own symbols. Read more ›

Business Steps – Prezi Presentation Template

Business concept with multiple options, process from start to an end.Can be used for workflow layout. Template has a background image of colourful 3D steps, stairs are floating in the air.Place info or data onto the grey button style slide background.Add infographics, reports, data.Use symbols and shapes, has over 500 symbols.Demo text is funny and abstract from business pitch or success story. Read more ›

Worldwide Business – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a suitcase / briefcase formed from small circles on a world map background.A good template for a business, marketing, company or world trade related presentation.Start zooming into circles, illustrate your topic with symbols and zoom for details.Template illustrates international connections and making business around the globe.Can also be used for a traveling ,trip or journey related presentation.Each circle can be customized individually: move around and change color.Present about world trade, global relations, world business, stock trade, business meetings. Read more ›