Global Line – Prezi Presentation Template

A multi-purpose Best Presentation template with a 3D globe and a world map background.An arrow around the 3D globe with colorful circles on the line.Insert your own symbols or numbers and create a colorful and infographic world background presentation.Present your business reports, graphs, charts, company information, diagrams marketing or sales information.Customize the template and use it for a variety of topics that can relate to world map or international relations.Start your presentation with an overview, move on along the circular path and create a simple yet professional Prezi.Use it for a personal presentation or introduce your product, service or company data.Replace the world image with any other content. Read more ›

Action Plan – Prezi Presentation Template

A businessman is looking at the business sketches on the wall for making an action plan.Good for presentation topics – business plan, analyze, making a timeline, sketch ideas, product marketing, business strategy, achieve goals.Present your action plans, sketch out your thoughts.Rearrange sketched drawing icons: graphs, charts, computer screens. All elements are separate.Create your action plan. Change all demo texts.  Write your own action plan – an action plan for your life, an action plan to solve a problem, an action plan for your day. Read more ›

Business Meeting – Prezi Presentation Template

Business is all about communication! Best Presentation template with a meeting concept.Empty meeting room/boardroom with 2 whiteboards on the wall.Insert your own content to the whiteboards and use the 28 included business icons.Talk about business brainstorming ideas, starting a company or developing and growing an existing business.Use diagrams, timelines, graphs, charts, make a hierarchy diagram and much more.A simple and professional business Best Presentation template. Read more ›

Structural – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Looking for a simple and professional 3D Prezi Next template?
No awkards megazooms or rotations – a multipurpose Prezi Template with a circular 3D structure.
Insert your own round images and create a minimalistic yet professional presentation for any topic.
Customize the color of the topic circles or add your own icons instead of the text covers.
A nicely structured presentation suitable for a short business pitch or project introduction.
The 3 images give a great overview about the presentation and hint the viewers about the content.
How to make round images? If you don’t have access to Photoshop or similar software, we recommend Lunapic (not affiliated)
NB: the color or shape of the main circles structure cannot be changed. Contact us for a custom design. Read more ›

Contract – Prezi Next Presentation Template

If you don’t close the deal you can go home!
A Prezi presentation template with a business deal or contract theme.
A blank a4 paper on an office desk next to a laptop, pen and a cup of coffee.
Make a presentation about a specific business deal, or introduce your own company.
Present a legal document and make a more formal presentation.
Talk about the terms of the agreement and the benefits your solution offers. Read more ›

Business Proposal – Prezi Next Presentation Template

Are you ready to make some business?
Best Prezi Next Presentation template template with the concept of proposing a business idea.
Businessman in suit holding a large piece of paper rectangle shaped and colorful topics.
Talk about your idea, introduce the timeline, team members, show location on the map.
A creative business pitch presentation template. Read more ›

Content Wall – Prezi Presentation Template

A highly customizable and professional multi-purpose Best Presentation template with semi-transparent rectangles.Many placeholders for text, images and videos, which form a hovering wall interface.Rearrange the layout and add more content, add your own background image and colors.Suitable for many presentations topics: business, medical, healthcare, education, school, marketing.Present any creative project overview. Good template for professional presentation containing lots of media, images or videos.Change color of each rectangle separately, or all together via CSS editor.Create a simple yet highly organized and professional Excellent Presentation template without zooming around too much. Read more ›

Businessman Planning – Prezi Presentation Template

A businessman in grey suit standing in an empty room/office and writing a business plan sketch to a wall.Sketch out your brilliant business ideas, plans and pitch them and show how to make them work.Present your business/marketing plan or talk about improving a working system.Includes various sketch drawing business icons: graphs, pie chart, business character, money, light bulb, gears, calendar…All icons are movable separately. Rearrange the layout and zoom anywhere to add your content.Talk about starting a new business, growing an existing company.Delete the businessman and add your own background image. Read more ›