World Business – Prezi Presentation Template

A professional 3D business Excellent Presentation template with a blue globe and colorful titles.Create an infographic company report or promote/market your products.All separated elements: Customize the colors and move the elements around.Use colorful titles and zoom in for the content details.Add your own symbols and icons to fill the placeholders.Show a business proposal, present annual results or simply create a professional Prezi on any topic.Customize the colors and adapt the Prezi for any topic.present about world politics, global topics, international relations, professional business or global companies. Read more ›

3D Cubical – Prezi Presentation Template

Professional infographic Excellent Presentation template with 3D cubes and colorful arrow titles.An abstract white cubing breaking into smaller cubical shapes.A simple multipurpose and colorful Prezi for business or personal presentation topic.Includes a light network background – replace with your own image.Move the boxes around, change the color of the arrows and add more slides.Create a simple yet professional presentation with an abstract layout. Read more ›

Planning – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with planning a business concept.Hand is drawing and writing boxes on the screen.A good prezi to introduce your plans or business concepts.Use the box and line elements to build a totally unique layout.The hand, lines and boxes are all separated objects.Add your own background image. Read more ›

3D Arrow Diagram – Prezi Presentation Template

A 3D infographic circle diagram Excellent Presentation template with a colorful arrow and a 3D earth in the center.A multipurpose template which can be customized for many presentation topics.Good for a professional business or company presentation or an educational topic.Talk about global project management or a world map related activity, for example logistics.Customize the Prezi, replace the 4 icons with your own or add numbers.Red, green, blue colors of the arrow cannot be customized, contact us for a custom version. Read more ›