The Struggle – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a struggle concept.A businessman in grey suit holding a heavy barbell.A good Prezi to illustrate a struggle, a difficult choice, dilemma, money/finance problems or a business decision.Add your own symbols and use it for the topic you need.All separated design elements: move the graphics and add your own background image.Present about business risks, strategies, plans, balance between time and money. Read more ›

The Leap – Prezi Presentation Template

Motivational Excellent Presentation template with a leap/jump concept.Man jumping off a cliff and flying into the unknown.A good template for a presentation about changes or taking big risks.Includes separated elements, delete the jumper, cliff edge or add your own background image.Zoom anywhere and add your own content.Talk about business risks, dangerous hobbies, x-games, sports, health, fitness, powerful ideas, exploring. Read more ›

Business Overview Dam – Free Prezi Presentation Template

What’s holding your business back? A free Free Prezi Presentation template for talking about a business overview, business risks, sales analysis and goals. Blue topic circles on an illustrated water dam background. Read more ›