Board Game – Prezi Presentation Template

Best Presentation template with a classic board game concept.A snakes and ladders game board with 3d dice and game pawns.Make a creative strategy related presentation with ladders getting you higher and snakes sending you back.Show off your business strategy or show a development of a project.Easily customize the color of each box and resize. Read more ›

By the Book – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with an open book on wood table and a blurred office background.Present about reading, education, writing, instructions or anything that can be related with books.Customize the lines and circles by changing their shape or color – use symbols to illustrate each topic.A professional looking Excellent Presentation template suitable for an education, school or business presentation.Simply insert your content and tell your story!Present about creative writing, learning, literature, thesis, project writing, rules, laws. Read more ›

Connect a team Prezi template

Making connections Prezi template with connecting peoples together. Communicate with social media message. Connect a team or a group of friends, men, women, job seekers, business contacts, LinkedIn group, facebook community together and display an information about every person. Could Read more ›

Steps to Success – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with the concept of steps to success.A white 3D stair with a red carpet on a grey gradient background.Template can be used for various presentation topics: tutorials, teaching, achieving success, business or career.Present how to improve something, achieve goals or grow your business.NB: the color or the amount of 5 steps in the stair cannot be changed.Contact us for a custom version of this Prezi.Present about career ladder, steps to success, aiming high, red carpet, path to success Read more ›

Creative Thoughts – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for a presentation about creative thinking, ideas, and brainstorming.A 3D light bulb with half of the bulb as a brain shape.Light up your ideas and insert your content around the light bulb.Talk about creative thinking, sharing ideas, business plans, or your personal thoughts. Read more ›

Globe – Prezi Presentation Template

Globe – Excellent Presentation templateClose-up of a girl’s hands holding together and a shining globe is floating in the air above hands. Place text all over the globe, zoom in and use continents, cities or any places and landmarks for positioning a slide. Best for global topics: global business, events, marketing, global problems, protecting the environment. Read more ›

Connection structure prezi presentation

Abstract background with connected lines and integrated circles. The concept for communication, business, social media, eco, technology network and web design.
Structure with connected lines with 3D background effect. Add more circles, change size and color.

Read more ›

Simple Business – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a minimal and professional business look.Light blue decagon shapes on a light background with soft shadows.Includes various business related icons, but can be used for any presentation topic.Move the elements, zoon anywhere and add your own content.Duplicate the decagons with the (Ctrl + D) command.Replace the background image.Good template for a professional business presentation Read more ›

World Business – Prezi Presentation Template

A professional 3D business Excellent Presentation template with a blue globe and colorful titles.Create an infographic company report or promote/market your products.All separated elements: Customize the colors and move the elements around.Use colorful titles and zoom in for the content details.Add your own symbols and icons to fill the placeholders.Show a business proposal, present annual results or simply create a professional Prezi on any topic.Customize the colors and adapt the Prezi for any topic.present about world politics, global topics, international relations, professional business or global companies. Read more ›

Career Ladder – Prezi Presentation Template

Talk about available jobs, employment or how to climb on the career ladder.3D looking Excellent Presentation template for a business, work and career related presentation.Big words CAREER LADDER (change to anything else) and a businessman cheering on top.SHow how to grow business or revenue and become a leader.All separated design elements, add your own title, move the businessman or ladder.Present about job vacancy, making a career plan, employment, working, looking for a a job Read more ›

Move mountains – Prezi Presentation Template

Move mountainsExcellent Presentation template with mountain polygon shape.Vector based zoom and quality remain.The concept of holding an obstacle in your hand.The hand is holding mountain and mountain climbers.Mountain shape is one vector object. Read more ›

Future Technology circle presentation template

Future Technology circle infinite zoom diagram, black and white theme, 3D technology background. Use it for future topics, scanning, technology, high tech, future cars, future equipment, transportation, technology revolution, robotics, computing, game user interface. The best Prezi 3D background effect. Read more ›

Taking Notes – Prezi Presentation Template

A photographic Excellent Presentation template with various papers, notebook, iphone and laptop on a wooden desk.make a creative presentation about working, studying, school, learning, education, office/business work, writing a thesis.Zoom into the different papers/notebooks and insert your own content.A simple yet creative template with a casual sketch style or theme.Present your new ideas or drafts and the notes you have made.Talk about learning, training your memory or completing a project and all the necessary stages. Read more ›

Circle of Statistics – Prezi Presentation Template

Circle of statisticsCircle of statistics is a professional looking presentation, designed for business.Recommended for statistics related topics.Template has an illustration of colourful circles inside of each other and lots of placeholders for data – infographics, reports, graphs, images, numbers, pie charts, diagrams, progress.Clean and modern style. Can be presented as a progress bar, to show information step by step.Circles are vector based one element. Animate your content to be more creative.Add more symbols and animate them, has over 500 symbols. When zooming in and moving from one slide to another, another background appears. Change titles and texts easily. Read more ›

Basketball – Prezi Next Presentation Template

What’s your strategy for the upcoming ballgame? Whose side are you on?A professional 3D Prezi Next template for a basketball related presentation.A dark basketball court with a basketball, board and empty spectator seats on the background.Transparent squares form the body of the presentation with various business icons.Talk about a single basketball team or about a league, present about the financial side of basketball.Template includes various business related icons and elements: delete or modify the existing elements and add your own content. Read more ›

Politics – Prezi Presentation Template

PoliticsTemplate where infographics elements surround a world political map.Present numerical data, show places on the world map and add your story to the slides.Includes 3D style white circle elements with different color. world map and other elements are vector based, so you can resize, zoom in and sharpness remains. The presentation consists various infographic elements. Best for political topics, decision making, control humanity, controlling world power, control community, talking about states, countries, global topics, geography. Business layout with the set of infographic elements. Read more ›

Bullseye – Prezi Presentation Template

A simple Excellent Presentation template based on the concept of darts. Male hand holding a dart which symbolizes the setting of certain goals. Flying darts represent the work in progress or things needed to be done to stay on track. Dart hits the target – bulls-eye. Mission complete!A great template for business marketing and pitching ideas.Template contains 3 elements:Dart in hand (1 object)Single DartTarget & dart  (1 object) Read more ›

Automotive data – Prezi Presentation Template

Automotive dataDark background image from the sports car and a bar chart at the front. Add graph data for automotive topics. Gradient vector graph is made from Prezi shapes that are easy to edit and change color. Add your humorous content to impress the audience. Read more ›

World presentation

Girl holding a world.

Transportation, logistics and global business. Read more ›

Gears Increase the Speed – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with animated gears. Concept of increase the speed.For example animated rotating gears increase thinking speed or anything else.With slide change Excellent Presentation template has 3D motion animated effect.All elements are separate, rearrange, move, anything. Vector based elements. Read more ›

Ring Of Fortune – Prezi Presentation Template

Ring Of Fortune Excellent Presentation template.Suitable for many presentation topics.Excellent Presentation template with lot of options and clean design.Includes arrow elements and hexacone ring element. Just add your own content and start zooming. Read more ›

Sketch to Success – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for presenting your creative idea and the realization plan.A big crumpled paper ball on a gray gradient background.Present your business idea or startup company pitch.Introduce your team, show the deadline, explain funding and market situation.Includes various business-related sketched icons.Present about your idea sketches and drafts, innovative solutions, creative learning, thinking, tests, exams, paperwork Read more ›

Opinions – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for presenting products, reviews, opinions, comments, criticism feedback or similar content inside a chat bubble.White speech bubbles with placeholders for text and images. A good template for advertising.Highly customizable: change the text, add thumbnail photos and write custom reviews.Say what people think about your website, new product or give your own feedback.Present about honest feedback, service reviews, customer support, conversations, criticism, critics. Read more ›

Brain Food – Prezi Presentation Template

Create a unique keyword-based presentation with this Excellent Presentation template.Mixed pieces of white paper on a white food plate.Replace the examples with your own keywords, change fonts and text colors.Template also includes a hand with spoon which can be used to animate in final 2 keywords.Use the milk glass to surprise the audience with a hidden message.Make a creative marketing presentation, or really talk about cooking, eating, diet, vitamins, or health.Suitable for a good presenter who does not need to show text on slides. Read more ›

The Road Ahead – Prezi Presentation Template

Adventurous Excellent Presentation template with a road to success concept.State your plan and show the journey to the top of the mountain.Overcome the challenges and find solutions to problems.Zoom anywhere and add your story into the presentation.Rearrange the separated elements add more graphics. Read more ›

Planning – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with planning a business concept.Hand is drawing and writing boxes on the screen.A good prezi to introduce your plans or business concepts.Use the box and line elements to build a totally unique layout.The hand, lines and boxes are all separated objects.Add your own background image. Read more ›

Project Stages – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with colorful and infographic arrow diagram for presenting project stages or progress.A good templates for presenting a business process, company timeline, marketing results or predictions.Amaze your audience with a big zoom and show all the previous content was inside an iPhone screen.A good concept to illustrate moving forward, modern business solutions, innovation, a mobile app, mobile friendly website or interface.Present data as a simple colorful chart – suitable for corporate or small business overview.Resize the arrows and change the color easily. Also change the length and width of each arrow individually. Read more ›

Success Sphere – Prezi Presentation Template

Prezi Template with a circle/sphere/ball formed from various keywords (add your own).Create a simple yet creative presentation on any topic.Rename the existing words and add your own tags.Change the color and font of every word separately.Good template for topics related with many keywords, SEO, opinions, success or explaining a concept. Read more ›

TouchScreen – Businessman – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a futuristic LCD Touchscreen concept.A businessman in a grey suit pointing at a hovering touchscreen.The screen is made up of  hexagon-shaped buttons and presented on a modern 3D background.Various custom business related icons included in the template.All design elements are separated: Move them around, create your own unique layout and change the background image.Zoom anywhere and add your business story!Present about technology and internet related businesses.Talk about your new product or service that can be used online.NB: It is not possible to change the color of the icons or the hexagon shapes.Contact Us for a customization service to have the template in your company’s branding style. Read more ›