Creative Steps – Prezi Presentation Template

Creative Excellent Presentation template with a pencil and colorful stairs inside it.Illustrate creativity, writing, education or achieving success.Show the necessary steps to complete before you can reach the top.Customize to your topic by replacing the icons/symbols.Talk about writing a creative project or thesis, introduce the basics of running business or company.Replace the background with sketched icons with your own image.Present about making a career, a creative timeline or the simple steps to success. Read more ›

Successful Ideas – Prezi Presentation Template

Creative Excellent Presentation template for presenting your business ideas, innovation or team.3 businessmen with light bulb heads on a creative sketch background.Zoom inside the various icons to present your ideas and thoughts.A good template for pitching a business plan or speaking about collaboration or sharing ideas.Add your own background image or move delete each of the businessmen characters.Create¬†mind map diagrams, business plans, or add your own symbols and present a creative canvas.Talk about teamwork or working together on creative ideas.Present a creative marketing plan or achieving success and show the best ideas you can think of. Read more ›