5 Options – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for presenting 5 different options/choices.Businessman in dark suite with 5 colorful circles (replace numbers and colors) on a dark future technology background image.Talk about professional business choices, about investing, startups, IT or technology trends.Add more circles for each topic and replace the numbers with your own content or symbols.Talk about business barriers, stopping bad habits, new technologies.Be creative and use it for a 5 point diagram.Present about choosing the right options, compare technology solutions or services. Read more ›

Man Thinking – Prezi Presentation Template

Man thinking Excellent Presentation templateThinking concept template where a businessman’s hand is drawing a human head shape of a man with a pen. In the center of the contour head is a brain shape and multiple different useful symbols that are located at the top of the image.Head contour design with the brain is recommended for many topics like business, learning, idea concept, thinking about man related questions, problems, including solutions.It can be a self-development of a person, helping with thinking, brainstorming, consulting, learning or teaching, training.Symbols are demo content, can be rearranged, moved, deleted easily. Good icons to use are related to technology, food, construciton, transportation. Can be a topic for business managers, speakers, commercial or how businesses and money are shaping our thinking. Read more ›