Key – Prezi Presentation Template

Key – Excellent Presentation templateYoung businesswoman is holding a key in her hands. Focus point is on her hands, holding a key. A key is hanging on a small chain made of blue circles. Cool motion from slide to slide. A Key is a vector based Prezi element. Create your story. Read more ›

Balance – Prezi Presentation Template

Balance – Excellent Presentation templateYoung European girl is holding hands like measuring or balancing something. Use triangles to write your message by word or letter on it. Rearrange shapes, move them around, change color, they are Prezi elements and separate. Make Pyramid or other cool shapes with triangles. Read more ›

Formula for Success – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a businessman and businesswoman writing to a whiteboard stand.Describe your success formula, present about your business idea, startup or company.Introduce your team members or present the plan for success.Whiteboard includes various sketched icons and symbols.Sketch out your creative ideas, zoom anywhere and insert your own plans.Illustrate partnership, working together on projects, collaborations and business relations. Read more ›

Future Screen (Man) – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a futuristic LCd touchscreen and a businessman (can be deleted)Simple and professional design with customizable boxes.Resize the elements and create your own design layout.Add your own images, texts and use the world map background.Good template for various presentation topics including, technology, IT, systems, business.Professional template with a clean and professional design layout. Read more ›

Assemble a Team – Prezi Presentation Template

Business related Excellent Presentation template with a team concept.Various businessman and woman silhouettes on a world map background.Present your existing company/team or show which new members/partners you are looking for.Show the process of the assembly and describe which people you need.Separated design elements: move or duplicate the graphics and add as many people as needed.Zoom in to present the details about the vacancy or position.A good template for startup pitching, and presenting your business plan.Present about working together, office environment, business meetings. Read more ›

Project Writing – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a female hand drawing a sketch business plan or project to a screen with a red pen.Talk about project management or introduce your draft ideas.Circular shape with arrows, move along the line and introduce different key points.Customize and draw your own custom shape, replace the icons from Prezi menu.Present about a startup or company, human resource or a team, your goals, financial plans, project design and budget. Read more ›

Touch – Prezi Presentation Template

Touch – Excellent Presentation templateSimple Excellent Presentation template with a futuristic concept. Businesswoman pressing with one finger on a virtual touchscreen with semi-transparent notes on the screen. Excellent Presentation template has a light background. Add your logo, titles, texts, photos and videos. Use Prezi shapes and symbols to visualize the content. Rearrange and copy slides. Read more ›

Economy – Prezi Presentation Template

A 3D business/economy Excellent Presentation template with various business people silhouettes.A Creative business concept with 3D bar graph, pie chart and a pencil on a business document.Illustrate the global economy or present about your own company or business results.Separated design elements: move or delete the silhouettes and create a unique layout.Present about the downfall of economy, legal contracts, business deals or corporate strategy.Present about financial documents, business startups, creative business ideas, Read more ›

Business Communication – Prezi Presentation Template

Business Communication Excellent Presentation templateBusiness communication template has hand drawn bridge between two heads and businesspeople are crossing over it. Close-up photographic businessman hand is drawing a bridge for help businesspeople to cross from one side to another. Business communication between two people where one idea is being accepted on another head. One brain can understand another from communication. A bridge is drawn by a third business person. The presentation has a blue color man and orange color woman face vector profiles.Recommended for creative business topics like risk taking, marketing, business help, consulting, business knowledge, business intelligence, business improvement. Move colorful circles, change slides, rearrange elements as you like, they are all vector based and separate. Read more ›

Hi-Tech Screen – Prezi Presentation Template

Creative Excellent Presentation template with a businesswoman dressed in white using a touchscreen user interface.Create a technology / internet related presentation, talk about interactive media or content.Customizable: move the circles around, duplicate and add more placeholders for your content.Zoom anywhere in the template and place your content. Add your own background image.Zoom inside the world map and use the markers to pinpoint locations.Create a hi-tech screen for your content, and present your creative ideas.Good template for modern media related topics, for example tracking, online support, programming, scanning learning online, customer support, or for marketing your product or service in a creative way. Read more ›

Goals – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template all about setting goals and presenting them.A cheering businessman/woman silhouette on a stairs with a big 2016 year number on top.Show your New Year’s resolution, present your business goals or describe how to achieve a result.Rearrange the elements and add as many goals as you need. Read more ›

World of People’s – Prezi Presentation Template

World of people’s Excellent Presentation template includes multiple businesswomen and businessman small dark silhouettes arranged in the shape of a world globe. Good for global and people related topics – news, politics, men and women rights, population problems. Look at the big picture from a world or zoom in to people figures. Simple black and white colors. Figures and silhouettes from people are separate elements, rearrange and change their position. Add your Headlines, text. logo. Animate figures and create your unique content. Read more ›

TouchScreen – Businesswoman – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a futuristic Touchscreen concept.A businesswoman in white clothing pointing at a hovering touchscreen.The screen is made up of  hexagon-shaped buttons and presented on a modern 3D background.Various business related icons included in the template.All design elements are separated: Move them around, create your own unique layout and change the background image.Zoom anywhere and add your business story!Present about project management, leadership, women politicians, career.NB: It is not possible to change the color of the icons or the hexagon shapes.Contact Us for a customization service to have the template in your company’s branding style. Read more ›