Online Shopping – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with the concept of online shopping.Walk into an online shop with your shopping cart.Browse the products and shop for the best deals.View the accepted payment methods and delivery options.Includes separated elements – move the objects around and create your own layout or change the backgroundVectors designed by Freepik Read more ›

Automotive data – Prezi Presentation Template

Automotive dataDark background image from the sports car and a bar chart at the front. Add graph data for automotive topics. Gradient vector graph is made from Prezi shapes that are easy to edit and change color. Add your humorous content to impress the audience. Read more ›

Property for Sale – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for a real estate/listing related presentation.A blue rising arrow with 3D house silhouettes.Explain customers different property types (house, office, garage, warehouse…).Describe the best time to sell or buy, illustrate the price growth, discuss about best locations and market trends and factors.A good template for a real estate agency or individual agent/realtor.Present about a real estate agency, house infographics, selling, buying or renting a house or home. Read more ›

Contract – Prezi Next Presentation Template

If you don’t close the deal you can go home!
A Prezi presentation template with a business deal or contract theme.
A blank a4 paper on an office desk next to a laptop, pen and a cup of coffee.
Make a presentation about a specific business deal, or introduce your own company.
Present a legal document and make a more formal presentation.
Talk about the terms of the agreement and the benefits your solution offers. Read more ›