Creative Stories — Prezi Next Template


Bring your stories and adventures to life on paper. Animated Prezi Template with the concept of Creative storytelling. Animated Stick Men figures, white A4 paper and a pencil on a wooden desk background. Don’t forget to be creative in your presentation and amaze your audience with an interesting script.

Use the separated elements and build your own story in the presentation. Move the stick men around, remove the background and create a unique layout for your topic. It’s a proven fact: Use creative storytelling and your presentation will be more memorable. Present about creative writing, making right decisions or learning and discovering new things – doodle up your ideas, because this is the perfect template and noone is going to hate you if you throw in a few silly sketches.

Good template for educational presentation, for presenting to kids or children in the classroom. Includes a PowerPoint version with animated stickman figures. A fun template with a simple paper sketch concept, I mean come on, we’ve all created stickman figures, and when they come alive, the it feels like a magic hollywood movie for the kids 🙂

+Animated Stickman PowerPoint Template Included:


The purchase also includes the Animated PowerPoint template version as a bonus. Since Prezi removed the for support animations, then we’ve added a PPT version where all the animations still work (Thank You Microsoft!). Use the 7 animated stickman figures for making a creative story, and trust us, even the slightest movement of the stickman, will make your audience smile. NB: the animations only work in the presentation mode, and remain static on the edit mode, so they won’t drive you crazy when you put together your slides.

+Bonus Animated Stickman GIF Images:


As a bonus you’ll also receive the animated stick man figures as GIF image files, then you’ll be able to use them in any other presentation software, design application or even on your website! Have fun!