TouchScreen – Medical — Prezi Next Template


Prezi Template for a Medical & Healthcare Presentation. A hand pointing at a hovering touchscreen with medical icons inside hexagon & hive shaped frames on a hospital background. The template uses classical blue color scheme which is most often associated with medical companies and there’s a reason for that – research has shown that the color blue is often associated with credibility, trust, knowledge, power and professionalism. So next time you see a medical logo be sure to think about it!


All design elements are separated: Move them around and create your own unique layout. Also change the background image if the default one is not suitable for your presentation. Present about general healthcare, new medicines or drugs, pharmacy business or any other medical topics, such as your own company or organization.

Zoom anywhere and add your own story! The presentation starts with an overview of the entire canvas which is a great opportunity for a simple introduction of the topic. Advance the Prezi by zooming into the hexagon frames which contain your content slides. Use the default zoom positions of the template, or create new frames and zoom into different areas. You can also delete the male hand image and use the concept of a simple medical themed interface. NB: It is not possible to change the color of the icons or the hexagon shapes.