Shipping – Prezi Next Template


Do you ever order cheap stuff from China? Make a presentation about how products get delivered around the world. A Prezi template with an aerial view of a large cargo ship on the sea. An overview template for a transport and logistics themed presentation. Zoom into the circles and add your own content – 4 shipping container illustrations included. Talk about the cost of global transport, international logistics or the recent trade wars.


Do you know anything about the US trade deficit? I don’t… but if you do, and want to make a presentation about trade, shipping or logistics, then this might be perfect template for you. A Prezi presentation template (+ Powerpoint) with an aerial view of a large container ship on the sea. The overview slide features a large placeholder for the title and subtitle of your presentation and topic circles connected with lines. The whole template has a blue and white color scheme with blue slide backgrounds to represent the sea, and white text which stands for… well just white text.

A good template for talking about the shipping and trade industry or the main issue for Donald Trump –  trade war, which is an economic conflict resulting from extreme protectionism in which states raise or create tariffs or other trade barriers against each other in response to trade barriers created by the other party, but you can also just skip the politics and present about how the whole process of shipping goods from one location to another actually works.

The Shipping and Logistics template (The Prezi presentation version) includes many example slides which are already filled with demo content. These include an introduction slide, timeline element, business bar graph, vector world map, team overview, and a contact page. All adjustable slides – easily edit the content, text and colors and of course add as many more slides and topics as you need. The template also includes 4 white shipping container images which you can use to illustrate your presentation, or make an infographic diagram as on the example slides.

+ Shipping PowerPoint PPT Template Included:


PowerPoint PPT version of the shipping and logistics presentation template is also included in the purchase. 16:9 slide ratio with 2 alternative slide layouts: white background with small header container ship illustration and the second with full blue sea background. Your goods will be delivered on time, but how about your presentation?