Idea Processor – Prezi Next Template


Is your brain more powerful than a computer processor? A creative presentation template with a technology and ideas concept. A computer chip and motherboard design on a dark blue background. Digitize your creative ideas and make a technology themed presentation. Zoom into the topic circles and replace the demo content with your own. A great template for talking about internet, modern technology, artificial intelligence, programming etc…


A dark blue tech themed presentation template with a motherboard and processor chip background. Insert your presentation title in the middle onto the computer chip and zoom into the circular topics for slide content. A multipurpose template that can be used for various technology related topics: tech company promotion, computer networks and systems, electronics or artificial intelligence. So put your ideas to work and show the computation power of your brain!

+ Processor Chip PowerPoint Template Included:


Click to add title, it’s simple as that – a PowerPoint version of the Idea Processor template is also included in the purchase. A dark motherboard background with a computer processor chip design. The PowerPoint version includes 2 alternative slide design layouts with white and dark backgrounds. Go ahead and make a presentation fast, because with the current speed of technological developments, we might soon loose or jobs to robot who give presentations… actually that might not be that scary after all, because statistics say that people fear public presentation more than death!