Calorie Bomb – Prezi Next Template


Stimulate the creative senses of your audience with a colorful and healthy presentation. A Prezi template with a vegetable and fruit sphere shape on a water splash background. Make your own healthy calorie bomb – zoom into fruit and vegetables and present your content. Make a presentation about diet, health, nutrition or cooking the right green and delicious meals. Colorful slide backgrounds with the fruits and vegetables staying in place while zooming in.


A presentation template for talking about healthy foods and making people hungry! A large calorie bomb made from various fruits and vegetables that explodes and makes a big water splash. A great concept for making a presentation about healthy lifestyle, losing weight, eating fresh food and of course smoothie recipes. Zoom onto the topics and reveal that each slide has a colorful fruit or vegetable background. No doubt about it… this is one of the most delicious presentation templates out there, for all you health fans.

+ Food Bomb PowerPoint PPT Template Included:


A PowerPoint PPT version of the Calorie Bomb Prezi template is included with the Purchase. If you’re not a big fan of zooming in Prezi, then this more static version might be more suitable for you. The PowerPoint template features the same calorie bomb design element with 2 alternative slide master layouts. The design elements are included with transparent background so you can easily add your own background picture or combine it with an existing food related presentation.