Mobile Network – Prezi Next Template


It’s all about mobiles devices nowadays – we have smartphones in our pockets 24/7. A great 3D presentation template with an abstract hologram image hovering above a black iPhone 8 smartphone. Blue technology background with square topics flying over a smartphone and world map background. A 3D concept that illustrates a mobile network around the world. Talk about mobile websites, international smartphone business, mobile opportunities, disruptive digital markets. Add your own topics, customize the placement of topics and add your own icons. The overview slide includes a placeholder for your title and subtitle of the presentation.


Do you know that over 50% of all internet traffic originates from mobile devices? Does your business have a mobile strategy? A smartphone related presentation template with a black iPhone and world map hologram interface above it. Insert your own topic titles and illustrate with suitable icons for your topic. Zoom into the squares and reveal your slide content. A multipurpose presentation template for presenting about smartphones, mobile business, e-commerce in smartphones, and accessibility to basic services around the world using a smartphone.

+ Bonus PowerPoint PPT Template Included:


A PowerPoint version of the Mobile Network presentation template is also included in the purchase. The PPT version features a blue background and a black iPhone with a world map hologram. The template includes 2 alternative slide layouts with light and dark background. Choose the one you like most, and start creating your smartphone related presentation.