Music Flow – Prezi Next Template


Music can make magic happen in our brains, so make a fascinating presentation about it! An audio/music themed Prezi Next template with a colorful equalizer on a dark wave background. Zoom into the colorful rectangles and insert your own content. Present about famous bands, the science of music, clubs, promote a concert or your own work.


The template features a colorful audio bar and silhouettes of people dancing on the foreground, with an abstract audio wave on the background. The overview slide also includes a placeholder for your presentation title and subtitle. The slide covers are represented as colorful rectangles which nicely blend into the audio graph color scheme. Add your own titles onto the covers and zoom in to present your slides on a colorful background. Tonight you are the DJ, and it’s time to compose an awesome presentation! Share facts about how music makes us feel good and what happens when the beat drops?