Catwalk – Prezi Next Template


Have you got some style or do you follow the Walmart High Fashion? A Prezi Next presentation template with a catwalk concept, perfect for a fashion related presentation. A dark catwalk stage with models walking on the runway. Make a presentation about the fashion industry and clothing design. Talk about the history, famous models, clothing styles or show a gallery of best works. Remember, when you fall on the catwalk or during your presentation, get right back up, because there is nowhere to hide 🙂


The template starts with an overview of 2 models walking on the runway wearing black and yellow dresses and lots of people sitting on the sides as audience. The overview slide also features a large text placeholders for your fashion related presentation title. The topic covers a represented as semi-transparent black circles with white borders, which are hovering on the stage, between the models, giving the template a nice 3D touch.

Zoom in and present all the dirty little secrets of the fashion industry. The most of the people like us, who don’t know anything about fashion, a runway is only associated with funny falling models on high heels. Use this template for educating people about fashion trends, famous fashion shows and new clothing lines.

+ Fashion Show PowerPoint Template Included:


A PowerPoint version of the Catwalk Prezi template is also included in the purchase. The PPT version includes 2 alternative layouts with and without the model on the runway. A minimalistic dark stage concept for a fashion show related presentation. Great for situation where using Prezi is simply out of style!