Time Flow – Prezi Next Template


Does time flow or fly? I’ve heard it can also swim, jump and slow down. A creative presentation template with a clock that is becoming dust and fading away into small particles. Make a time related Prezi and talk about history, make a roadmap or a creative timeline. Zoom into the topic circles that are flying between the particles with the broken clock face with roman numerals on the background.


The presentation starts with an overview of the clock on a white background which also includes a large text placeholder for your headline and subtitle. Advance the presentation by zooming into the circles and insert your own content. You can easily change the color of each circle to match the style of the Prezi to your brand. Time can be our greatest enemy or our best friend, it’s how you use it that matters! By using this Time Flow template you’ll save quite a lot of time preparing your presentation, because we’ve already put hours of work into the design, you just bring in your content!