Digital Economy – Prezi Next Template


Even if you’re Neo from the Matrix – you must realize the fact that most of our everyday life and business is moving online, where we are just plain numbers and statistics for the government. A 3D Prezi Next presentation template for talking about doing business in the digital space. A digital blue 3D scene background with business people silhouettes made up from binary codes. A matrix-looking scene with a digital life concept and a world map on the background. Multipurpose template for talking about all topics related with business, internet, people, trading etc. Talk about online contracts, ecommerce, buying or selling online, finding business partners or the digital environment and online threats.


Have you ever talked to a robot? I guess most of have, the’re already answering the phones and talking to us online. This template illustrates the concept of the blurring line between real and digital life. It’s a great concept for presenting about new technologies such as AR or VR or talking about our online presence – everything we do is stored at an online database and it’s like second life character that we feed but also need to protect.

The presentation starts with an overview showing a crowd of digital people standing on a 3D grid background. The overview features a text placeholder for your presentation title and subtitle at the top left corner. Advance by zooming into the topic circles – rename the titles according to your topic or replace the text titles with illustrative symbols. The presentation includes multiple demo slides for making a company or project introduction presentation. The elements include timeline, gallery slide, world map, team introduction etc… Use the example slide layouts provided for you, or replace everything with your own content.  So I wish you 01100111 01101111 01101111 01100100 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 for your presentation… if you know what that means! (hint: it’s binary code)