Electric – Prezi Next Template


There’s some electricity in the air! A thunder and lightning themed Prezi presentation template. A dark background with a lightning strike and circle electric rings with your topics. Creative template for making a presentation with a powerful message or just about the forces of nature. Did you know, that in addition to just scaring the sh*t out of people, lightning also serves an important role in the nitrogen cycle by oxidizing diatomic nitrogen in the air into nitrates, which are deposited by rain and can fertilize the growth of plants and other organisms! Pretty complex huh! Let’s just hope that thunder doesn’t fertilize the ground directly where we’re standing!


The template starts with an overview of a powerful lighting storm on a dark blue sky background. A large lightning streak contains multiple circular electric rings which are zoomable Prezi topic covers. The overview also includes a large white text placeholder for your thunder and electricity related presentation title. So recharge your ideas and discharge the billion volts of energy into making an interesting presentation about this fascinating force of nature.