On The Rise – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a business bar graph concept.Describe your business from idea to a successful company.Blue graph elements on a grey 3D background.Move the elements and create the layout you need.Talk about business growth, marketing results, growing a startup, business pitch, starting a company. Read more ›

Formula for Success – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a businessman and businesswoman writing to a whiteboard stand.Describe your success formula, present about your business idea, startup or company.Introduce your team members or present the plan for success.Whiteboard includes various sketched icons and symbols.Sketch out your creative ideas, zoom anywhere and insert your own plans.Illustrate partnership, working together on projects, collaborations and business relations. Read more ›

Dangers Ahead – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple 3D Excellent Presentation template with a curvy road and red traffic cones.Illustrate the concept of taking risks, challenges, overcoming obstacles and achieving success.Talk about risk management, planning the future or how to avoid problems.6 placeholders for different risks.White background turns into a dark image while zooming in, revealing your content.Talk about business risks and things that can go wrong, and how to fix them. Read more ›

Contract – Prezi Next Presentation Template

If you don’t close the deal you can go home!
A Prezi presentation template with a business deal or contract theme.
A blank a4 paper on an office desk next to a laptop, pen and a cup of coffee.
Make a presentation about a specific business deal, or introduce your own company.
Present a legal document and make a more formal presentation.
Talk about the terms of the agreement and the benefits your solution offers. Read more ›

Way to Success – Prezi Next Presentation Template

How difficult is the way to success, describe it to your audience?
A 3D Best Prezi Next Presentation template template with a businessman standing in front of stairs leading towards earth with a door light shining out from it.
A great concept to illustrate business success or achieving various goals and plans.
Talk about launching a startup company, travelingl, international politics or similar topics. Read more ›