Contract – Prezi Next Template


If you don’t close the deal you can go home! A Prezi presentation template with a business deal, contract or legal papers theme. A blank a4 paper on an office desk next to a laptop, pen and a cup of coffee. Make a presentation about a specific business deal, or introduce your own company. Present a legal document and make a more formal presentation. Talk about the terms of the agreement and the benefits your solution offers.


Do you ever read the fine print when signing a legal document? This Prezi template is all about presenting all the details of a contract or legal agreement. The template features top view of a wood desk with a contract on the table. Insert your own presentation title and subtitle onto the paper and zoom into the square shaped topics. The presentation also includes many business related slide designs, which you can reuse or replace with your own content.

Donald Trump calls it the art of the deal, but to most of the people it is just negotiations about the terms. So before you grab the pen and sign a document, make sure you understand everything. The same goes for presentations! How can you present about a topic that you don’t understand? Complete the due diligence on your topic before you start making your presentation, or else the viewers of your Prezi will understand that this person is not worth the deal!