Digital Overview – Prezi Next Template


The future of digital technology is now – a presentation template with a digital technology concept. A businessman holding a black iPad tablet computer and a hologram display with circles hovering above it. Add your own topics and zoom into your presentation slides. Replace the icons with your own or add topic titles. The template includes many example placeholder slides that you can use: timeline, world, map, team overview etc. An abstract technology related Prezi Next template with a dark theme and circle layout for topics.


Technology has taken over the world, and yet each device is so small it can fit into the palm of your hand. A great design concept for making a presentation overview about digital technology and the internet. Prezi presentation template with a businessman in a suit holding a black tablet computer and a hologram interface hovering above the device. Use the template for introducing your tech related company or business idea or make a general IT related presentation with a modern and futuristic design. Creative zoom effects add a wow factor to the slide transitions. The design includes various example placeholder slides, which can be customized or completely replaced with your own.