Idea Mind – Prezi Next Template


Do you get any good ideas once in a while? Now you know what to blame! It’s that weird thing inside your head! The source of all your thoughts. A Prezi presentation template for talking about ideas, brainstorming, creative thinking or the mind. Top view of a realistic 3D brain with sketched icons on the background. The template illustrates 2 sides of the brain which in theory represent different ways of thinking. Zoom into the left side to present about logical thinking, math or science. Zoom into the colorful splashes on the right and talk about creativity and arts. A colorful and illustrative template for a neuroscience related presentation.


While the theory of left and right brain side is old news of neuroscientists, then it still is a good concept for a brain themed presentation template. A Prezi + PowerPoint template with the concept of having 2 different brain sides, the left for logical thinking, math and the right for creative ideas and art. The template features top view of a realistic human brain with colorful paint splashes on the right and math formulas on the left.

The templates uses an old theory that the left brain side is mostly used for thinking in words, processing facts, mathematics and logic. The right side of the brain is thought to be related to intuition arts, rhythm, feelings and visualization. As a person you can also be left or right brained, meaning that one side dominates your character. Recent studies however have shown this left and right theory is not true, and the way that brain hemispheres process information is much more complex.

The overview slide of the template includes a placeholder for the title and subtitle of your presentation. The topic slides are represented in a circular shape around the brain. Add your own title to each of the topics and then zoom in to show the slide content. Template also includes many examples slides with creative demo content and ideas that you can reuse in your presentation.

Use this Brain themed template for making presentation about creative ideas, neuroscience, or make an interactive mind map, where you can point and zoom into topic

+ Brain PowerPoint PPT Template Included:


PowerPoint PPT version of the brain presentation template is also included in the purchase. Top view of a realistic human brain on a blue background with the left and right side clearly different. Includes 2 alternative design layouts in 16:9 slide ratio. So if you can find your little gray cells, go head and use them to make an interesting brain related presentation!