My Symphony- Prezi Next Template


What’s your relationship with music? If you’re looking at this presentation template, then it’s most likely close to your heart? A simple and minimal yet beautiful Prezi Next template for a music related presentation. Piano keys and flying notes on a dark background mixed together with zoomable topic circles. Add more topics and place them on the line with flying notes. Talk about popular music genres, classical music, music lessons, singing, famous bands, orchestras or symphonies. Promote your own music, a concert or a live music show that is coming soon.


The presentation starts with an overview of piano keys, flying music notes and paper on a dark background. The overview also includes a placeholder text for your presentation title and subtitle. A minimal music themed template with a nice and simple flow of content. Start your presentation topics from the left and move on through the slides onto the right side.

Be the maestro of your presentation and be well prepared for going in front of the audience. Just like a good melody, a presentation needs a well structured content and layout. Repeat some important aspects like a chorus in music, especially in the introduction and conclusion parts. Even if you’re a regular person like me, who can’t even hit a single note, but still need to present about classical music, then this template is perfect for you!