Ring of Fire – Prezi Next Template


“I fell into a burning ring of fire presentation template!”A Prezi template with the theme of flames and a ring of fire. Zoom into the topics and present about fire, flames, hell or a tough situation. If you need a fire themed Prezi Next presentation, then this is a template for you. Template includes a creative background effect where a ring of fire appears as a background to each topic slide.


The presentation starts with an overview of a large circle flame element on a black background. The ring includes a title placeholder in the middle and topic circles surrounding the flames. Zoom into the circles and present your burning topics slides. Duplicate the circles to create more placeholders if needed. A perfect template for talking about fire safety or the fire department.

Keep the fire extinguisher close because you can use this template for starting a hot debate! Did you know that flames are blue at the bottom because that’s where they take up fresh air, and yellow at the top because the rising fumes from below partly suffocate the upper part of the flame. So don’t forget to breathe during your presentation, because you also need the oxygen just like a flame! On the other end, don’t get burned by yourself… meaning you should make an interesting presentation that keeps the audience engaged! If you’re talking about fire, make the audience smell the smoke in your slides!