Robotics – Prezi Next Template


Do you hate robots? Maybe not until they take your job! A futuristic Prezi template for making a robotics and technology themed presentation. The template features a humanoid robot using a touchscreen hologram interface on a technology background. Stay ahead of the robot revolution and use this template for making a professional presentation on the robotics topic.


Are you a robot? It sure feels like it every time I try to solve a Google reCaptcha and fail! Even if you are a humanoid robot, then you’ll also enjoy this template! The presentation starts with an overview of a humanoid torso on a blue tech background and the robot pushing a button on the interface screen. Use the hi-tech themed template for talking about technological advancements in the robotics sector or present about your own tech company related with robotics or job automation process.

You can easily customize the hologram interface by replacing the icons with more suitable symbols for your own topic.  Zoom into the square topics and add your slides. You can also use and customize the example demo slides included in the presentation. The term robotics doesn’t mean you should only focus on humanoid robots. The template can also be used on similar topics such as mechanical and electronics engineering, information technology(bots), computer science or artificial intelligence which is closely linked with the Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics and the ethics side of creating a human-like robot. NB: Don’t be afraid of the creepy robot dude, he’s a real friendly guy!