Strategic Planning- Prezi Next Template


What’s your business strategy? Do you score like Ronaldo, dribble like Messi or bite like Suarez? A simple 3D Prezi Next presentation template with a soccer goal and businessman with a soccer ball. Use the template to present about business or replace the icons and actually talk about football/soccer plans. The goal is filled with dark square topics and various business related icons. Zoom into the topics with a nice soccer net background effect. Delete the businessman if you wish to present about a real sports topic.


A Prezi template that mixes football and business strategy concept. A 3D presentation template featuring a businessman with a football and the goal filled with business related infographic icons. The presentation starts with an overview of a football goal on a 3D gray gradient background and a businessman in suit holding a leg on the ball just as if he is going preparing for a freekick. The overview also includes a large text placeholder for your presentation title and subtitle.

Customize the the layout by easily editing the rectangle design layout in the goal. Change colors of each of the squares, and replace the business icons with more suitable symbols for your presentation topic. Introduce your company or a football team members, show a timeline for future plans, pinpoint location on the vector world map, and of course show an image gallery. A perfect concept for illustrating the importance of playing in a team, whether it is business or sports. Run, hit and score… but not your own goal!!!