Travel 3D – Prezi Next Template


Is your next vacation or holiday long due? Better don’t look at this Prezi then! A creative presentation template for talking about a sunny beach vacation or tourism. A 3D scene with a blue travel suitcase, a globe, airplane, hot air balloon, sandy palm island and a beach ball. Talk about global tourism business, your own vacation plans or popular travel destinations.


The template starts with an overview of a beautiful 3D scene featuring a blue travel suitcase and travel related items on a sky background. Slowly enjoy the view in a hot air balloon or go anywhere fast with an airplane… and there’s the option most of us would enjoy, a sandy palm beach island! The template illustrates the concept that the world is very small, you just need to pack your bags and fly around the world, go anywhere you like… that is of course if you have tons of money, because travelling is expensive!!!

All the design elements are separated, so for example you can delete some graphics like the island or airplane, and replace them with more suitable images for your presentation. Zoom into the square shaped topic covers on the suitcase and insert your slide content. You can also replace the demo icons on the bag, the Prezi library includes over 500 symbols. It’s time to make your viewers drool! Use this template for making a presentation about the best travel locations, share a travel blog and don’t forget to use lots of images!