Uphill Battle- Prezi Next Template


Life is an uphill battle, but once you get the ball rolling and everything is on track, then it’s not so bad afterall! Prezi presentation template with the concept of pushing a rock over the mountain. Illustrate the concept of overcoming huge problems and challenges. The beginning is hard. You must get things moving, and have a solid plan. Once the hardest part is over you can just enjoy the ride and make sure everything is going in the right direction. A great motivational presentation template for presenting about personal or business problems.


The template features a beautiful sky background with a black silhouette of a man pushing a large rock on top of a green grass mountain. The overview slide also includes a text placeholders for your presentation title and subtitle. On the uphill side, there are green topic circles, which illustrate the planning and idea phase –  things you need to get done before you can move on to do the hard work. On the downhill side, there are blue circles with the concept of gaining momentum, speed and creating the snowball effect.

Easily change the colors of the circles and duplicate to add more placeholders. You can also delete the man and the rock and just use the mountain concept. So if you like overcoming tough challenges then this might be the perfect presentation template for you. Find a big problem, offer a solution to the viewers and get the ball rolling!