Agriculture — Prezi Next Template


Did you know that there are more players of Farmville than there are actual farmers in the world? A Prezi presentation template about agriculture and farming. A watering can made from rectangle shapes on a farm background. Easily customize the template by resizing the shapes and changing the background image. Present about food production, farming, pesticides and fertilizers, industrial agriculture, growing plants or trees… just add some water, and they will grow!


The presentation starts with an overview of a green plastic watering canister on a green grass and farm background. The whole template features a green color scheme with the nature in mind. Start pouring out your ideas and concepts from the canister – zoom into the rectangle shapes, and replace the demo content with your own. A creative concept for making an infographic diagram poster image for topics related with cultivation of land, breeding of animals or any other agricultural science. So hopefully your Prezi won’t need any pesticides or fertilizers… keep your presentation clean and fresh!