Business Network — Prezi Next Template


If the only networks you have are the spider cobwebs in your closet, then you might soon be out of luck! Here’s a business related Prezi template with a dark background and a professional infographic network look. Template includes a network shape with icons and a laptop screen/technology keyboard background. A great template for presenting about business and finance data: sales diagrams and quarterly reports, money, infographics, market trends.

Share your professional contact details and pitch your ideas – add your own symbols that you need into the circles from the Prezi Icons library. Talk about how important it is to have connections to succeed in business and what the network effect can do to you. The circles and lines are customizable elements, so you can easily make new connections, draw new lines, change size of circles and even the color of the entire network. You can also replace the background image with a more suitable picture for your network presentation.


The Network presentation starts with a deep zoomed in view in one of the circles. That’s a great place for adding your presentation title and subtitle and making an intro to the topic. Advance the Prezi by zooming our and revealing the network connections. The presentation includes a few demo slides which you can reuse or delete. So do you have enough friends to fill this network? If not, then you better go and make some new connections on LinkedIn 🙂