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Paint- Prezi Next Template

Description Colorful Prezi template with paint roller and paint splashes. Perfect for Art and Design [...]

Abstract Circle- Prezi Next Template

Description Abstract Prezi classic template from gray elements arranged as circle. Semi-transparent vector based elements [...]

Technology Wave – Prezi Next Template

Description Are you riding on the wave of technology? A creative 3D Prezi next presentation [...]

Abstract Shape- Prezi Next Template

Description What is an abstract presentation template? You’re looking at one right now! A creative [...]

Tag cloud – Prezi Presentation Template

Tag cloud Excellent Presentation template – a cloud symbol made from different keywords.Includes white text [...]

Abstract Circle – Prezi Presentation Template

Abstract Prezi classic template from gray elements arranged as circle.Semi-transparent vector based elements arranged as [...]

Digital fingerprint – Prezi Presentation Template

Digital fingerprint Excellent Presentation templateExcellent Presentation template has a digital security system concept with big [...]

Paint – Prezi Presentation Template

Colorful Excellent Presentation template with paint roller and paint splashes. Perfect for Art and Design [...]

Networking – Prezi Presentation Template

Networking and communication concept.Good for topics like Networking, relations, connections.

Circle Infographics – Prezi Presentation Template

Circle infographics Excellent Presentation template is made from vector circle elements for the infographic.It can [...]

Makeup – Prezi Presentation Template

Makeup – Excellent Presentation templateExcellent Presentation template with a concept of woman hand holding pink [...]

Business Communication – Prezi Presentation Template

Business Communication Excellent Presentation templateBusiness communication template has hand drawn bridge between two heads and [...]

Tag cloud

Tag Cloud Word tags form a thumb up hand 3d, abstract, advantage, advertising, analyst, analytic, [...]

Infographic Report – Prezi Presentation Template

Infographic report Excellent Presentation template made from lines, circles, vector world map background.

Networked – Prezi Presentation Template

Abstract Excellent Presentation template with circles that are connected with lines.Represents a concept that everything [...]

Beauty topic – Prezi Presentation Template

Pink light background with beautiful girl silhouette.

Square of Time – Prezi Presentation Template

Square of Time Excellent Presentation template. Digital Squares concept Excellent Presentation template Animated  & colorful squares in [...]

Infographic with Pinned Notes – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with the concept of the infographic and pinned notes.Creative template to present infographic [...]

Make Waves – Prezi Presentation Template

Make Waves Excellent Presentation template is  Excellent Presentation template with make waves concept.Colorful Template with [...]

Creative Timeline – Prezi Presentation Template

Creative Timeline Excellent Presentation template.Suitable for many presentation topics for example business, school projects.Excellent Presentation [...]

Business laptop prezi template

Business Prezi template with colorful rectangles and laptop MacBook pro. 3D motion on background with [...]

Biology prezi presentation template

Biology Prezi template has molecular structure abstract background. Recommended for topics: biology, biotechnology, cell, chemist, [...]

Business squares – Prezi Presentation Template

Business squares Excellent Presentation templateExcellent Presentation template with colorful squares for a business presentation. Use [...]

Connection structure – Prezi Presentation Template

Connection structureAbstract background with connected lines and integrated circles. The concept for communication, business, social [...]

Explain a Topic – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with Soccer game and School elements.Includes a chalk drawn black and white vector mathematical and [...]

Colorful Journey – Prezi Presentation Template

Colorful Excellent Presentation template with circles and a 3D background effect.Create a smooth and flowing waves Presentation.Use the icons from [...]

Infographics on a Paper – Prezi Presentation Template

A Excellent Presentation template with a circle paper clips concept.Simple gray tone colors.Rearrange, edit or delete [...]

Time Spiral – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with an abstract blue spiral concept.A good Prezi for creating a creative [...]

Connection Prezi

Abstract conceptual image of the business human head and gears cogwheel idea connection teamwork or [...]

Music is the Key – Prezi Presentation Template

Piano Keyboard with Black and White Keys and Colorful Music Notes in 3D Isolated on [...]