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Glowing chart

Glowing chart Business Graph Prezi template. 3D glowing background and colorful numbered circles 3d chart [...]

Global Grip – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a “control the world” concept.A businessman holding a globe on a [...]

Circle of Statistics – Prezi Presentation Template

Circle of statisticsCircle of statistics is a professional looking presentation, designed for business.Recommended for statistics related [...]

Competitor analysis – Prezi Presentation Template

Competitor analysis Excellent Presentation templateExcellent Presentation template with businessman silhouette in the center of the [...]

Career Plan Prezi

Prezi template for career planning or medical topic. Female hand is drawing cycles, hierarchy, charts [...]

Eco prezi presentation

The light bulb is like the earth, surrounded by green leafs, and the main context [...]

Apps development – Prezi Presentation Template

Apps developmentCreative template with mobile phone floating on air in the center of presentation in front of [...]

Photo prezi presentation template

Photo streaming concept presentation with a background of the sky and transparent white screens behind [...]

Augmented Reality – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for an augmented reality related presentationWoman holding a black iPad tablet computer [...]

Dangers Ahead – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple 3D Excellent Presentation template with a curvy road and red traffic cones.Illustrate the concept [...]

Successful Marketing Plan Prezi

Successful Marketing Plan. Colorful simple bar graph with 3D background.

See and Think

See and Think Colorful Prezi Template with an eye symbol on a blue background. Zoom [...]

App development Presentation template

Creative template with mobile phone floating on air in the center of presentation in front [...]

World Mapping – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a customizable dotted world map theme.A world map on an office [...]

Thumb Tag Prezi

Simple and elegant template where different words are used as styling elements. Word tags form [...]

Photo gallery template

Prezi Template from photo gallery or album, image slideshow. Create photo gallery or image slideshow. [...]

Tag cloud

Tag Cloud Word tags form a thumb up hand 3d, abstract, advantage, advertising, analyst, analytic, [...]

World Wireframe – Prezi Presentation Template

Professional infographic Excellent Presentation template with a 3D wireframe world concept.Colorful circles around the globe, [...]

Business time prezi presentation

Business time Prezi template has colorful small circles as a circular pattern. Businessman silhouette is [...]

Colorful Squares Prezi

Colorful Squares grey background, storytelling concept.

Circular 3D – Prezi Presentation Template

3D Excellent Presentation template with a futuristic circle concept. Customize the color with 1 click.Create [...]

Infographic Report Prezi

Infographic report Prezi template made from lines, circles, vector world map background.

Round Table – Prezi Presentation Template

Round Table with yellow and black colors. 3D white background with Leather Living Room Chairs arranged in [...]

Data Center prezi presentation template

Corporate design Template with modern Data center room background image and colourful infographics wheel in [...]

3D Newspaper – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a 3d newspaper template on a white wooden table and an [...]

Creative circles prezi presentation

Creative circles Prezi template with multiple colorful semi-transparent ring shapes and 3D background. Every slide [...]

Clear Targets – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple round infographic Excellent Presentation template with a bullseye symbols.Present your business targets on a [...]

Alcohol – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template about drinking and alcoholism.Silhouettes of drunk men on a whiskey glass background.Present [...]

Paper Style prezi presentation

Simple Prezi template with 6 different style layouts and light gray background. Every slide has [...]

Fresh Ideas Prezi

Fresh Ideas Prezi presentation template. Fresh ideas Prezi template is from images of isolated green [...]