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Assembly Prezi

3D Building blocks with social content-sharing icons Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, Pinterest, Youtube, Vimeo, [...]

App development Presentation template

Creative template with mobile phone floating on air in the center of presentation in front [...]

Idea Tornado – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with colorful circles forming a spiral tornado shape.Creative template for presenting your [...]

Pillars Diagram – Prezi Presentation Template

A classic pillars diagram Best Presentation template.Colorful pillars forming a rock solid foundation for your [...]

Travel Agency prezi presentation template

Designed especially for travel and holiday topics and is recommended for travel agencies, tourism companies, [...]

Linear – Prezi Presentation Template

A simple Excellent Presentation template with colorful rectangles.A multipurpose template suitable for a variety of [...]

Notes prezi presentation

Stylish workspace on a home studio with a computer monitor and semi-transparent sticky notes to [...]

House Puzzle – Prezi Presentation Template

3D Excellent Presentation template for a presentation about, building, buying or renting a house, or [...]

Travel and holiday Agency presentation template

travel and holiday topics and is recommended for travel agencies, tourism companies, flight companies. Prezi [...]

Fill the Mind prezi presentation

Modern looking fireman is holding a long fire hose and filling an empty mind with [...]

Business Communication prezi presentation

Business communication template has hand drawn bridge between two heads and businesspeople are crossing over [...]

Balance prezi template

Balance Prezi presentation template. Young European girl is holding hands like measuring or balancing something. [...]

Tag Cloud Prezi

Tag cloud Prezi template – a cloud symbol made from different keywords. Includes white text [...]

Graphic Design – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template where beautiful colorful circles arranged as abstract shape and is best for [...]

Motivation Boost prezi presentation

Motivation Prezi Template with a rocket boosts into space on the Prezi 3D background. Space [...]

Connection structure prezi presentation

Abstract background with connected lines and integrated circles. The concept for communication, business, social media, [...]

Pricing Table – Prezi Presentation Template

A very simple pricing table layout built from the Prezi shapes and symbols.Highly customizable, easily [...]

Yellow Infographic – Prezi Presentation Template

Circle infographic template with a world map background and yellow/white color scheme.Present about business, connections, [...]

Simple Layout prezi presentation

The modern colorful user interfaces simple layout in flat design with semi-transparent colorful squares and [...]

Technical Drawing prezi presentation

Prezi template for sketching and technical drawing. Simple black and white color boxes. Animating from [...]

Global Histogram prezi presentation

Simple template showing four colour based histograms, made entirely from Prezi shapes (change colour, rearrange, [...]

Automotive data prezi presentation

Dark background image from the sports car and a bar chart at the front. Add [...]

Square of Time Prezi template

Colorful squares Prezi Template & colorful squares. Universal Prezi template for any kind of topic. [...]