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Glowing chart

Glowing chart Business Graph Prezi template. 3D glowing background and colorful numbered circles 3d chart [...]

World Statistics Prezi presentation

Use this template for global business, geographical topics, statistics, analytics. Present worldwide statistics and data. [...]

Learning Prezi

Learning question Prezi template is good for the topic of online learning or product marketing. [...]

TImeline Curves – Prezi Presentation Template

A simple timeline Best Presentation template with colorful circles and a dashed line.White backgrounds turns [...]

Successful Marketing Plan Prezi

Successful Marketing Plan. Colorful simple bar graph with 3D background.

Creative Concept – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with colorful circles forming a light bulb shape.Illustrate the circles with symbols [...]

See and Think

See and Think Colorful Prezi Template with an eye symbol on a blue background. Zoom [...]

App development Presentation template

Creative template with mobile phone floating on air in the center of presentation in front [...]

Think big Prezi

Think Big Ideas Colorful gear light bulb. Creative business concept Prezi with gears.

Tree of life

Tree of life is made from colorful semi-transparent circles and vector based elements with 3D background of [...]

Great Offer Prezi

Great offer Prezi template with a close up image of the businesswoman holding colorful transparent [...]

Colorful Squares Prezi

Colorful Squares grey background, storytelling concept.

3-Set Venn Diagram – Prezi Presentation Template

Classic 3 set venn diagram for showing the connections of topics with overlapping circles.Minimalistic, clean [...]

Data Center prezi presentation template

Corporate design Template with modern Data center room background image and colourful infographics wheel in [...]

Creative circles prezi presentation

Creative circles Prezi template with multiple colorful semi-transparent ring shapes and 3D background. Every slide [...]

Pillars Diagram – Prezi Presentation Template

A classic pillars diagram Best Presentation template.Colorful pillars forming a rock solid foundation for your [...]

Video Presentation Prezi

Universal colourful Prezi template with tv screens and transparent circles. Prezi with animation and 3D [...]

Travel Agency prezi presentation template

Designed especially for travel and holiday topics and is recommended for travel agencies, tourism companies, [...]

Business laptop prezi template

Business Prezi template with colorful rectangles and laptop MacBook pro. 3D motion on background with [...]

Circle of Statistics prezi presentation template

Circle of statistics is a professional looking presentation, designed for business. Recommended for statistics related [...]

Library of Ideas – Prezi Presentation Template

Best Presentation template with an educational theme.A colorful circle with symbols on a library background.Present [...]

Party Prezi template

Prezi Presentation template for party events, especially on special days like valentine’s day, birthday etc. [...]

Colorful Network – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple and multipurpose Excellent Presentation template with a colorful network concept.Colorful square frames on a [...]

Search Prezi template

Search Prezi template has colorful semi-transparent rectangles arranged into a shape of a loupe. 3D background of loupe [...]

Business squares – Prezi Presentation Template

Business squares Excellent Presentation templateExcellent Presentation template with colorful squares for a business presentation. Use [...]

Focus – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple and colorful 3D circle with a shutter style layout.Good template for a photography related [...]

Modern infographic prezi presentation template

Modern infographic Prezi presentation template. Modern Infographic report Prezi template with placeholders for any statistics [...]

Computer Infographics prezi presentation

Prezi infographics template with World map on the computer screen. Containing all continents in a [...]

Business Success prezi presentation

Business Success prezi presentation template. Business Success Prezi template with a key symbol, colorful labels [...]

Changing Information prezi presentation

Infographic style template with two heads, man and woman changing information with each other. Info [...]