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Social Elements – Prezi Presentation Template

Social elements Excellent Presentation template has social share icons, speech bubbles, circles.It is a Excellent Presentation [...]

Career Plan – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template for career planning or medical topic.Female hand is drawing cycles, hierarchy, charts [...]

Circle Diagram Prezi

Circle diagram infographics Prezi template with process animation. The concept with eight options, parts, steps [...]

Grow and Improve – Prezi Presentation Template

Small plant growing. Business growth concept Excellent Presentation template.

Digital Marketing Prezi

Digital marketing concept with a megaphone surrounded by message bubbles.

Photo prezi presentation template

Photo streaming concept presentation with a background of the sky and transparent white screens behind [...]

Creative Concept – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with colorful circles forming a light bulb shape.Illustrate the circles with symbols [...]

App development Presentation template

Creative template with mobile phone floating on air in the center of presentation in front [...]

Think big Prezi

Think Big Ideas Colorful gear light bulb. Creative business concept Prezi with gears.

Digital fingerprint – Prezi Presentation Template

Digital fingerprint Excellent Presentation templateExcellent Presentation template has a digital security system concept with big [...]

Networking – Prezi Presentation Template

Networking and communication concept.Good for topics like Networking, relations, connections.

Circle Infographics – Prezi Presentation Template

Circle infographics Excellent Presentation template is made from vector circle elements for the infographic.It can [...]

Makeup – Prezi Presentation Template

Makeup – Excellent Presentation templateExcellent Presentation template with a concept of woman hand holding pink [...]

Business Communication – Prezi Presentation Template

Business Communication Excellent Presentation templateBusiness communication template has hand drawn bridge between two heads and [...]

Perfect Game – Prezi Presentation Template

Prezi presentation with a bowling strike concept.3D bowling pins and a white 3D ball/sphere as [...]

Colorful Squares Prezi

Colorful Squares grey background, storytelling concept.

Research Prezi

Presentation starts with animated clock with the sentence “Whatever I am late anyway”. Text and [...]

Woman thinking prezi presentation

Thinking concept template where businessman’s hand is drawing a head profile of woman and brain [...]

Photo Slideshow

Photo album or image slideshow Prezi Template. Create photo gallery or use as a photography [...]

Important – Prezi Presentation Template

Important – Excellent Presentation templateAttractive European girl in a white shirt is holding a marker [...]

Brightful Idea – Prezi Presentation Template

Brightful Idea Excellent Presentation templateOrange lightbulb on a bright yellow background as a bright idea with [...]

Circle of Ideas – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with colorful and circular lines on a 3D grey gradient background.Create a [...]

Water bubble Prezi template

Prezi Template with the concept of water bubble. Good for statistics about water, nature or [...]

Infographic with Pinned Notes – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with the concept of the infographic and pinned notes.Creative template to present infographic [...]

Fresh Ideas Prezi

Fresh Ideas Prezi presentation template. Fresh ideas Prezi template is from images of isolated green [...]

Digital fingerprint prezi presentation

Prezi template has a digital security system concept with big red thumb fingerprint for granting [...]

Move mountains Prezi

Prezi template with mountain polygon shape. Vector based zoom and quality remain. The concept of [...]

Make Waves – Prezi Presentation Template

Make Waves Excellent Presentation template is  Excellent Presentation template with make waves concept.Colorful Template with [...]

Creative Timeline – Prezi Presentation Template

Creative Timeline Excellent Presentation template.Suitable for many presentation topics for example business, school projects.Excellent Presentation [...]

Strategy prezi presentation

Strategy Prezi template has a target with a red dart. Dart game concept Prezi template [...]