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Glowing chart

Glowing chart Business Graph Prezi template. 3D glowing background and colorful numbered circles 3d chart [...]

Circle Diagram Prezi

Circle diagram infographics Prezi template with process animation. The concept with eight options, parts, steps [...]

Digital Marketing Prezi

Digital marketing concept with a megaphone surrounded by message bubbles.

World Statistics Prezi presentation

Use this template for global business, geographical topics, statistics, analytics. Present worldwide statistics and data. [...]

Career Plan Prezi

Prezi template for career planning or medical topic. Female hand is drawing cycles, hierarchy, charts [...]

Eco prezi presentation

The light bulb is like the earth, surrounded by green leafs, and the main context [...]

City skyline template

Prezi Template with the city skyline. Illustration. blue city skyline city template blue,city template prezi,city [...]

Yearbook prezi presentation

Use this template to create yearbook or photo album. Highlight and commemorate the past year [...]

Photo prezi presentation template

Photo streaming concept presentation with a background of the sky and transparent white screens behind [...]

Learning Prezi

Learning question Prezi template is good for the topic of online learning or product marketing. [...]

Assembly Prezi

3D Building blocks with social content-sharing icons Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, Pinterest, Youtube, Vimeo, [...]

Successful Marketing Plan Prezi

Successful Marketing Plan. Colorful simple bar graph with 3D background.

See and Think

See and Think Colorful Prezi Template with an eye symbol on a blue background. Zoom [...]

Business Report Prezi

Infographics world business report Prezi Template has set of World Map and infographics elements. Present [...]

Think big Prezi

Think Big Ideas Colorful gear light bulb. Creative business concept Prezi with gears.

Tree of life

Tree of life is made from colorful semi-transparent circles and vector based elements with 3D background of [...]

Thumb Tag Prezi

Simple and elegant template where different words are used as styling elements. Word tags form [...]

Photo gallery template

Prezi Template from photo gallery or album, image slideshow. Create photo gallery or image slideshow. [...]

Tag cloud

Tag Cloud Word tags form a thumb up hand 3d, abstract, advantage, advertising, analyst, analytic, [...]

Great Offer Prezi

Great offer Prezi template with a close up image of the businesswoman holding colorful transparent [...]

Colorful Squares Prezi

Colorful Squares grey background, storytelling concept.

Research Prezi

Presentation starts with animated clock with the sentence “Whatever I am late anyway”. Text and [...]

Woman thinking prezi presentation

Thinking concept template where businessman’s hand is drawing a head profile of woman and brain [...]

World Map Infographic Prezi

Prezi Template with a world map and infographic. Template for a variety of topics including [...]

Infographic Report Prezi

Infographic report Prezi template made from lines, circles, vector world map background.

Photo Slideshow

Photo album or image slideshow Prezi Template. Create photo gallery or use as a photography [...]

Phone Call prezi presentation

Old black Retro telephone on the light wood table for contact in front a background [...]

Data Center prezi presentation template

Corporate design Template with modern Data center room background image and colourful infographics wheel in [...]

Water bubble Prezi template

Prezi Template with the concept of water bubble. Good for statistics about water, nature or [...]

Creative circles prezi presentation

Creative circles Prezi template with multiple colorful semi-transparent ring shapes and 3D background. Every slide [...]